Palace guard has boom

I see now we have swarm in regular horde by why the heck is a palace guard running around with a boomshot? Lol


Palace Guards pick up dropped weapons from the field.


Palace Gaurds can pick up anything on the ground. I can’t wait to see one rush me with a breaker mace


To be honest I wanted more enemy weapon variants. Could care less what the enemies actually look like. What is the issue here?


More instant-deaths for CQC-classes, increased Scion-spawns - and with the old spawns you could clearly tell which enemy you were facing just by the outline. Too bad that’s gone now.




So can I trick one by dropping my boomshot next to it and while it is picking it up I can chainsaw it? Lol

Question, so you rather know everything you were facing? Not sure, but to me (haven’t played today) seems now it’s gonna be funnier not knowing what’s spawning and what weapon it’ll be using.

Also, highly unpopular opinion for you, but I like the possibility of getting chainsawed / insta killed while using Infiltrator. Sounds funnier than just sponging hits while constantly getting stim :smirk:.


I’m not sure exactly how the AI works in terms of choosing weapons, how random it is, whether they prefer certain weapons over others etc. I guess it’s possible!

A bit off Topic, Warden now becomes a Normal Enemy. I am now playing Classic 50 Wavea in Gridlock.

It appeared in Wave 8.

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This is a good thing, why are we complaining?


Yes, that was mentioned by Michael Shannon. That’s why the Warden has had their mini-boss name tag removed.

Wow this is a game changer. Ill wait till I play it to cast final judgement on it but its looks to be something I would enjoy.

Horde is more challenging now even on advanced

Oh yeah. Thats all I wanted for horde. Hopefully the rest of the community is happy enough with this.

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Yeah can’t say I like the locust in Horde so far.

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Yeah, Melee classes were so overpowered before in Horde :stuck_out_tongue:

Well to be fair, my main problem is that the Locustdon’t fit imo.

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They definitely increased the amount of Juvies. It’s like beating up a Kindergarten now.


Your statement would be more accurate if you said…

Something else…

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Are Leaches giving more power? I’m getting 28 power from picking them up now.

And I have seen a Palace Guard with a Boomshot. He missed, but the experience was enough to give me nightmares.

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