Pair up for some Ranked TDM

Well if the matchmaking actually worked you’d be matched up with pros & high caliber people.

But this ranking is such a participation trophie you can’t tell what’s what until you play

So many bonuses. Oh I farted 300 exp bonus for farting.

They didn’t push for no parties in ranked, or 4v4s in ranked. Esports needed 4v4s probably more than it needed execution back, TC is why ranked is 4v4 and the community is why there’s 1-2 player stacks. Esports has nothing to do with that.

If eSports players had a say in anything there would be an esports playlist right now with Escalation, Exe2.0 and Control, and it would most likely replace TDM in ranked entirely.

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Well TC is dropping the ball hard.

We came close once.

Yeah but that was against literally two of the best players we could’ve gotten matched against, and they had good randoms.


There’s like 10-15 TDM players that are actually quite good, and those two are about as good as you get.

@TC_Clown OP will double stack for masters

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Sorry. Already in a duo

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Everyone is a freak

I almost bought this today because we deserve it

24-0 in 2v2s thoughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Why are you counting lmao

Not true.

Like @GuiltyCrisis said, we just want to have a good time with friends playing Gears.

After having killed 4 man stacks in TDM, only KOTH remains where I can enjoy with my friends.

But now talking about 4 man stacks in TDM…

If you are in a stack, you can pair up with friends, who you know you can trust them and who play well. If they die, they can explain the rationale behind their death and in the next respawn, you can assist them in preventing that death.

Agreed, victory is not assured every time you stack up, you can still be thrashed by solo players. Its just that every bit of communication helps, in a game mode that heavily relies on decision-making.

Being paired up with randoms is very unpredictable.

Like I said in my post above, “I get paired with randoms who don’t respect this game mode. Always feeding the opponent team with their lives and subsequently depleting our team life pool.”

Within a few minutes of a TDM match, you would know what kind of randoms you are matched with. And you have to make a decision on whether you have to play the game naturally, or play TDM like KOTH.

If you let the game progress in its natural state, the randoms quickly deplete your team’s life pool.
You then have to play TDM like KOTH, treat it like a fast paced game. Kill the opponent team quicker than they could kill your dumb teammates. You sort of have to “play the game quick, so that if the opponent killed you have to have a reserve of lives that you could use instead of going to your teammates.”

I hate playing like this… but I am left with no other choice. In Diamond rank, the matchmaking cost is 1700 GP. If you are matched with bad players, and you know you are destined to lose this game, might as well adopt a risky playstyle to recover as much GP as you can.

TDM is meant to be played slow and steady. Strategy also plays a heavy part here because you have to prioritize securing power weapons.

In some TDM games I type in the chatbox, “Play slow, play smart. No rush whatsoever.”

Some understand, some don’t.

I am not expecting for my team players to take everything I say at face value. But at least they should realize TDM at its heart is just strategy.

Its just that now with the current TDM matchmaking system, luck plays an even bigger role compared to previous operations. Very rarely in TDM games do I feel that the teams are evenly balanced.

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If he said it, it’s almost certainly a lie.

You then go on to explain why playing in a stack is better, and I agree with you and this is precisely the reason I don’t want stacks in this mode.

Edit: Also, I’ve played hundreds of matches in this playlist. Only a handful of matches were truly unwinnable. I’ve played like 13 with dragon over the past couple days, 12-1, and the one loss was totally winnable.

Edit2: Also, ideally you’d have stacks in this playlist BUT it would be literally impossible for them to match up against anything other than a stack themselves. I don’t care if it takes two hours for the 4 stack to find a match, that’s what I want. Because at that point you can have fair matches for solo players, and stacks get to exist which is one better than just fair matches for solo players.

Yeah dude @SnubbS won’t get it, never will, for some reason.

All of a sudden he enjoys Tdm more & stuff, suddenly now that it’s stacks of 2.

Besides that, nobody plays this game so the talent scope is devoid.

All the top TDM players I know stopped playing this game entirely because it sucks & we all know it.

I’m not sure why @SnubbS continues to defend sword & shield this idea that TDM should not be stacked.

When me , current, #20 in TDM who hasn’t played in 7 months going 8 now, hit masters solo in OP1 when it was 5v5, is telling you how it is.

I just think this guys offended I’ve claimed to beat him , in a ranked match, & will never get over it.

All of a sudden he enjoys Tdm more & stuff, suddenly now that it’s stacks of 2.

First. In Gow3 I was 667-0 in TDM playing stacked, and had like 2k games of quickmatch played — clearly I enjoyed the gamemode then, because that’s a lot of matches played. In GowJ despite the game only existing for 5-6 months, I had a few hundred matches of TDM played, again, clearly I enjoyed it.

When this game launched, my friend Astrrro and I were among the very first people to hit master in TDM playing solo & duo, he was literally first on the leaderboard and I was second, and the leadboard only had like 6 people on it. I have screenshots of all of this. Clearly I enjoy the mode if I’m choosing to play it in previous games, and at the launch of Gow5 when there are other options and more things to do.

All the top TDM players I know stopped playing this game entirely because it sucks & we all know it.

There aren’t any ‘Top TDM players’ and never were in this game. This is just a blatant lie.

I just think this guys offended I’ve claimed to beat him , in a ranked match, & will never get over it.

It’s more just that you pretend to be a good player that annoys me.

Cool you played GoW3 & went 660-0 or whatever.

I’ve beat plenty of undeafeated people in GB & UMG & still lose to me in ranked.

How many times I gotta tell you.

Leaderboards don’t lie.

Not my fault you refuse to look it up. It’s clearly in the game.

I hit solo in TDM 5v5. I’m good, at least. And my stats are engraved. What you say has zero effect because I’m there

This is just another blatant lie, you wouldn’t even know if you beat any top gb or umg player in ranked lmao. Your leaderboard placing is an absolute joke, I know who needs to tell you this, but it’s an absolute joke and means nothing. It’s literally just wins — it’s nothing but wins. It’s just about how much you play the game lmao, it’s pathetic. I don’t know why you brag about it.

What I have looked up is your gameplay, and it’s awful.

Still there & you’re not & you claim to win so much & to be oh so godly.

But can’t even dent top 100

Even with no real tdm try hards available now

@TC_Clown thought you said this guy was chill smh

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The wins leaderboard is irrelevant, I’ve seen your gameplay lmao, you talk about hyperbouncing and you can’t even string three walls together. The one season where I was actually trying to grind out wins in TDM I ran into a glitch whereby I couldn’t find a match even if I searched for hours.

The fact of the matters is that on the old system you could play like 100 matches, get to 19970~ points, be in the top15 and chill there for the remainder of the season, and that’s what I did every single time.