Pair up for some Ranked TDM

I took a break from Gears 5 two weeks before OP6 dropped, and recently hopped back in and still adjusting to the changes with the Gnasher. When I played Ranked TDM solo in OP5 I ran into a wall and couldn’t make it to Masters, topping out at Diamond 2. So if anyone out there in the US who is up for some ranked TDM, hit me up. My ping typically falls anywhere between 8-38 ms, and the reason I mentioned ping is that I’ve matched up with players in the past and if their ping is 100+, for some reason my ping triples and I lag out.

After a few days of adjusting to the changes made in OP6 I’m sitting at onyx 2 but playing solo with randoms is a see-saw game where in one match I luck up and get matched with decent players who can hold their own, and the very next match I’m matched up with what seems like Fortnite players. I assume some of it is contributed to TC’s matchmaking scheme where the system pulls in 2 ranks below or when onyx/diamond/master players are buddying up with their bronze/silver fortnite friends. By no means do I think all lower tiered players are bad, it’s just that statistically if you have 3 onyxs paired with a master against 1 onyx/1 silver/ 2 golds, the odds are against the lower tiered team with those rare exceptions where they may win.

I wish TC would reconsider changing up this system and change it up like where bronze thru gold players are grouped together and once you cross over to onyx you are only matched up with onyx-master players.



What would be best is just to allow for squads.

Nobody wants to play social if you’re a ranked player.

Why not give the people what they want? In the end all we want is another mode to play with friends but TC refuses for some reason.

Some esports player said it was best so it’s best.

Imagine esports being forced to play with 2 random esport participants every match? Why not do that to esports too since it’s so “brilliant”


TC kills off TDM and then wonders why ppl don’t play the mode.

Like playing TDM with your friends? Don’t worry, TC will help you choose a best friend to play with.


TC can’t please both parties.

Party A) Solo players who hate camping, Lancering and coordination.
Party B) People who want to play with friends or groups for more fun or more consistent wins

Remember how much Party A complained about getting dominated in Ranked by 5 Stacks in Gears of War 4? It’s one of those things people asked for but at the same time piss another whole side of their community off.

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Unfortunately it will always be that way.

Good thing I don’t play TDM lol

I play TDM casually (social)
never really bothered with rank but I might try…

Seeing how awful tdm is atm I can only imagine it was a lot worse when full stacks were allowed. Every match is basically a blowout on way or the other and it’s usually who gets the sniper then camps by the other power weapon on most maps.

I was thinking yesterday if the population is really so low then maybe making a team ranked mode with tdm/guardian/koth,etc all jammed in there to broaden the net for them and then making the other 3 ranked modes solo only

I’ve noticed the increased times to get into a match in rank modes, which is indicative that the ranked population has fell off tremendously. It appears that TC isn’t listening to the feedback of their core base users, and by not implementing requested changes or simply changing back what was working at one point isn’t in their roadmap.

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I think that’s just TDM which isn’t as popular as previous games. This title is more KOTH (as usual), FFA, 2v2,.

Since they limited it to a 2 player squad, ppl don’t play it as much

Seriously dude.

I don’t understand why TC killed 4 man squads in TDM.

I get paired with randoms who don’t respect this game mode. Always feeding the opponent team with their lives and subsequently depleting our team life pool.

I’m stuck in diamond 1 for weeks… can’t seem to progress ahead at all.

Exactly bro… the bias is unreal.


People on the forums try to be so self righteous with TC.

Nah. I solo qued in TDM op1 & hit masters…

Just because you tried esports doesn’t mean you’re entitled to ruining a mode many loved by giving us the cop out “stacks makes the game easy” … haha… if it’s so easy go play solo like me then & shut up.

Not many esports wanna be’s could go solo ranked TDM in op6! Let alone when it was 5v5…

All I wanted was an appropriate ranked system because it’s very hard to win when randoms go 2-28. All I ever wanted. A ranking system worthy of being called so.

Instead we get TDM chopped up & an even worse ranking system because now everything is practically given.

These esport wanna be’s are self entitled & TC listens to these people.

This game has to hit rock bottom to realize this isn’t it.


This has been my experience…randoms who continue to respawn only to get killed over and over trying the same technique. If it were me dying like twice back to back, I would reassess and just slow it down and maybe provide cover fire to assist those who are keeping the team in the game. But no, these players keep roadie running out like a kamikaze on a mission to die. Over the past week in ranked TDM I’ve been matched with onyx/diamond players going for 2-24! These randoms are either purposely trying to die as much as possible just for the heck of it, or they reached the level of onyx/diamond by being carried by a friend they buddied up with previously and their true skill level is revealed when they venture out on their own. I just don’t see anyone playing ranked solo and just so happen to luck up and make it to diamond.

Unfortunately in situations like this there’s no way to combat a severe deficit no matter how good 1 or 2 players on the team are, chances are that you will lose. I will venture out to say that out of 10 ranked matches, I experience about 2 where the teams are balanced and the matches are very close win or lose. Most times it’s either you are getting demolished or your team is doing the demolishing. Something is very off because I don’t recall the matchmaking system being so unbalanced a few operations back.


I did a 0-60k solo tdm masters challenge and went 29-3, my friend did the same and went like 28-6 or something. You get screwed over every single lobby you join into, but you can usually win. I don’t know about my friend, but in all 32 matches I played to get to masters I could’ve won them all.

The people in this thread just want to be carried by their stacks and beat up solo players.

Not at all.

The people just wanna play with their homies & have a good time.

That’s what games should be about don’t you think?

If you wanna solo & flex more power to you but the every day ranked players don’t care about winning or being the best.

& asking them to go to social is just so inappropriate.

Social can start 1v4 or randomly end , all sorts of BS. That’s why people congregate to ranked.

Ranked should never be for esports players. They’re welcomed , of course, but it should never cater to esports because that’s just such a niche community, but for the real reason is that their pros. Not every dude who plays gears is a pro nor do some have that interest.

But everyone wants to play ranked with their friends & we’re not a huge community where we can have solo ranks like other games, other than FFA.

Given ranked is the foundation to create your future esport player as well but this whole no stacks non sense is just that.

It’s nothing deeper than nonsense garbage that doesn’t allow for friends to just chill & play games where the match fully starts & ends.


No esports player cares what happens to ranked lmao.


I know they don’t. They never cared about the game unless it hurts their wallets or viewership

They pushed so hard for something they don’t give a crap for , at the cost of people who genuinely enjoyed the mode.

I’m still waiting for you to carry me.
It would have been nice to get your buddy last night in on tdm though. You know that.

Also stacks don’t matter

I care.

That’s the whole point!!

Why not let us just chill with people we wanna chill with.

Such a disgrace whoever’s up their destroying PvP

& for them to say it’s “Easy” Dude I SOLO qued back in OP1 5v5 MASTERS… don’t give me that CRAP

It’s just a freaking game & games are played with FRIENDS

We didn’t lose a tdm lol we were like 6-0 or something. That would’ve absolutely not been nice either lmao. I’d have been so triggered.