Painting a Mark I Lancer

Hi folks,

I just thought I’d share with you my mark I Lancer I’ve been painting over the last couple of weeks.
I got the lancer way back when I bought Gears II.
It was originally gold and have been mounted on my mancave wall for the past 11 years. I’ve always said I would get round to painting it and finally have.
It’s not finished yet but I thought I would show you the work in progress. :relaxed::+1:t3:


Isn’t it technically a Mark II Lancer? Because I’m pretty sure the Mk1 Lancer is what we know as the Retro in Gears 3-5.

Otherwise, looks sweet.


Yes I see what you mean. :slight_smile::+1:t3:

Good stuff OP.

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Looks incredible! Once it’s finished, please take it to TC headquarters in Canada and test out the chainsaw functionality on the dev staff and post before and after pics. Thank s!

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Good work, it’s looking great :+1:

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that was mean man, however I do agree that developers should be chainsaw because of the mounstrosity of Gears 5 they come up to.

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SLEEPLESS DEMON, that a cool gun you’ve got there, Im personally thinking of buying a replica of it .

Bad ■■■ lookin lancer , it looks awesome man.

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Lol. Thanks. Bit far for me to go from the UK! :joy::joy: