Paid for Hive Barid I cant find him

I own the dlc char but he is not there ive checked everywhere

Have you unlocked the default Baird character?


Try restarting the game, see if that helps. Sometimes skins I’ve unlocked only show up after restarting my client.

Its 100% not there i restarted ive turned of xbox … i checked each char … its not thereee it says i own it when i go on the shop…

I paid for Baird and can’t access him either. It says he’s available to play, but he’s definitely not. Do I still have to complete all challenges to open him even though I purchased him?

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They might be having technical issues, the store isnt working for me rn for example.

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No its a scam … you have to have default baird so i had to buy him aswell i want a refund!!!

Another satisfying costumer. We love you TC :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Of course u need the charecture to use the skin, that should be obvious, it’s like buying a playstation game and expecting to play it without a playstation, if u don’t have the one u can’t use the other, if u bought the token u still need to unlock him, if u bought the operation 2 bundle u should be able to use him straight away

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You would have had a warning message pop up informing you that you needed the base skin. Why would TC give you a refund for ignoring this? Sorry buddy, but this is on you. Better get grinding!

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Again, no. You ignored the warning that pops up informing you that you don’t own the base character.

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