Pahanu - sniper map from COD put into Gears, with a ton of long range weapons, lol

It’s bad for Horde, but I actually got it last night when I tried to re-visit ranked koth after a few months away from Versus…

Like, for real, WHO thought this was a good Gears Versus map???

I couldnt believe how bad it was, playing it, I couldn’t believe the design… SOMEone thought this was a good idea…

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I’ve been lucky with pahanu so far. little to no “lancer mains” and with out constant rifles it plays…OK.
No the best but alright.
Just looking at the set ups on there though a lot of rifles coming out would completely shutdown the map. As it is there have been a few desperate people who’ve got the flag in grid iron and tried to camp out back and we were only able to shift them due to outnumbering them.

I am not looking forward to it popping up in KOTH, it feels like another icebound/bunker/district/training grounds rifle spam fiasco.

I think it is worth saying again and again in as many threads as possible -:
TC cannot make a decent gears map.
They either fail at the most basic of levels to grasp how cover, lanes etc should be set up or understand this and build their maps to defeat the mobility offered by the cover system.

Edit : @Nineteenth_Hour This wasn’t directed at you, I guess I clicked the wrong reply button, D’oh!

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No worries I knew it wasn’t directed at me.

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I like the theme, but it’s been a mixed bag of experience leaning towards seeing more matches of which team can lock down with the lancer better.
Edit-it is a little open a map for me though.

Though it does seem to require a wider awareness of the map as a whole and you have to be extremely careful not to get hung up on any 1v1’s since you can get flanked hardcore real quick if you’re not paying attention to what’s going on around the map. I suppose that provides an interesting challenge in and of itself.

Closing, please keep the feedback in the one thread.

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