Pahanu is amazing looking. "Just look up and look around"

Have to say first off, that even on the “old” xbox one, the updates for the Series X looks amazing. Gears is a beautiful game.
I beat up on TC a lot, but I also try and give credit when its due. I love Pahanu,But up until last night ive never really taken the time to really look at what is going on in the map. And for the record, TC has amazing graphic artist. The level of detail is incredible!
I saw a post on Reddit awhile back. It was about Reactor. The OP posted that he had never taken the time to “look up” . Once you do, you really gain a whole new appreciation for the map. The “look up” on Reactor is amazing. I had been missing out on a beautiful map. Ever since then, ive tried to make it a point to always, “look up” on every map. And to also really try and look at every nook and cranny of the map as their is always something ive missed or overlooked that just amazes me.
Walking around Pahanu playing solo Horde last night, I saw the map in a whole new light. Their is a giant carcass of some creature id never reallly noticed. Sparkling light everywhere. Looking up you see massive trees and leaves and limbs, and from one vantage point lava flowing off a volcano miles in the sky. The up close detail of the coloration of the root structures of the trees is amazingly accurate(for a tree root). Their was a bowl somewhere that had a huge tooth in it. Just so much detail id never paid any attention to as I was always too busy trying to gib somebody into obliteration. Its everywhere.
But its not just the sights…the sounds are amazing. Every once in a blue moon you will hear a pack of wolves…or dire wolves howling in the distance… the sounds of night in the jungle with bugs and crickets…even the sounds of the swarm approaching as they slog through the pools of water…its just awesome the level of detail and attention.
Once I saw the reddit post about “looking up”, its really changed my level of appreciation for some of the work The Coalition does. The game may have its flaws. But man, the maps really are candy for the eyes and ears. And I now try to find the “overlooked or never noticed” now in every map. And im always noticing new stuff. I highly encourage everyone to always “look up”… “look around” …listen. it might give you a whole new appreciation for some things as well.
With op 5 about to drop and new maps coming, I cant wait to see what they have done. Great job @Thecoalition @TCSera.


Does look amazing just doesn’t play so well


@WHEL4N it just plays “different” . Once I accepted that its not a"typical gears map" with 90 degree angles and such, ive had a lot of fun playing on it…


it’s a bad MP map but that doesn’t mean it needs to abandoned. TC should revise it

Something I prefer about TC over epic its the amaount of detail they put to their enviroments, including campaign and MP maps, really beautiful and attention to artistic details.

Panahu its a really fun map for certain MP events, I had a blast playing on it and players actually voted for it. OSOK, TORQUE BOW TAG, The boom event (forgot the name) lol


people vote for it in events because they know it’ll never be voted for in Ranked (I don’t know about quickplay though honestly)

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Thank you. :slight_smile:


I loved pahanu since the start.

People swear it’s crossy but any match is crossy.


Outdoorsy maps like Pahanu are underrated in a lot of games imo, i’m curious on what sort of creatures could leave behind large bones you see strewn across the map.


Have you noticed the large rib cage that seems to be around one of the spawn areas, to the outside of the map? I’m pretty sure that’s also there and I’d hate to find whatever land dwelling beast left that behind(unless it’s skeletal remains of a sea creature that were once submerged and are now above sea level). Assuming something that big still exists on the island which the map is set on.

I don’t find the map to be the best gameplay wise even for Horde. Quite big and open and while it provides a somewhat different experience, it can also tend to go south very quickly if your teammates screw up(more than on most other maps, anyway) due to how open and big it is. Although it also means enemies take quite a while to get to you so they take their time as well…

TL:DR Visually good, gameplay wise, not the best, even if not necessarily terrible in PvE. Probs wouldn’t play 50 waves on it though.

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It’s beautiful but should be reworked. TC should try in a future operation. Right now is like it isn’t in the game for ranked.

@AmicableWall421 yeah dude…that is what im talking about… id never really noticed that was a solid ribcage of a large monster…
I like Pahanu BECAUSE it plays so different. I either completely destroy on it or get destroyed.

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I actually don’t see the problem or if there even is a problem. I think its a good map and the design is very good. I only get to play it in the events but I really like it and never had a problem with it. I wish I could get it in ranked but everyone wants the same 4 maps every freaking time lol.


hard to say what i think about the map when ive played on the map once in PvP, lol.

so tired of checkout/blooddrive/foundation - so boring jesus.

its prob mostly people just not liking it cuz its dif, not because its bad.

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@WrinklyHornet34 yep…foundation checkout blood drive…what is the 4th. I really like most of all the 5 maps. Vasgar is great…asylum is great…exhibit is awesome for gnasher battles…icebounde has grown on me…training ground is fun…Bunker is the only one id take or leave…but god foundation gets so old for me…blood drive and checkout are great…just dont wanna play them every time. Reactor is fun to play as well…

the 4th for me is all fathers arena, which is a fine map but again it just adds to the problem of the same maps.

Well I think people like maps that are simple, its why Reactor is so unpopular, weird aesthetics and it’s difficult to understand immediately. Allfathers on the other hand is crystal clear how to play. People do prefer less crossy maps of course but I think the core of why people prefer certain maps is the simplicity in its design/aesthetics.

Personally I love Pahanu for Horde, hate it for Versus. Just feels like it was made for Horde in mind.

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I love reactor. I remember playing it and thought there was only 1 way to the middle. Then I saw each side can get to it via the spawn in a different path. Then you can actually flank the other side by hopping over the wall in the middle as well. Just a cool map. shame tbh.

@XJ9lol i never get tired of Allfathers. It is such a great koth match All the different layouts. I play tons of solo Horde on Allfathers…but I wish people would have some picking diversity. I wouldnt mind if TC did away with voting and put them all on a rotation or an rng drop.

The map is definitely a beauty to behold on the Series X.

I played it yesterday and even though I was only in the match for like 7 seconds before rage quitting, it was nice to look at during that short time.

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