Paduk's Ultimate upgrade


it would be awesome if Paduk’s Ultimate makes enemies explode and drop ammo

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It is Gears 5. Not an Anime. But, now i mentioned it, it would be a great idea.

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Cole lights himself on fire, punches and tackles enemies…

Kait can turn herself invisible

Fahz has xray vision

Lizzie summons a Mech

It may as well be a superhero game.


Paduks ultimate should be called purple daze and should make enemies spin in circles in place confused. When they run it’s difficult to kill off more than two cuz they get so far.

I feel disco lights should drop down and all enemies do the disco emote.


Or Paduk’s ultimate to make the enemy :poop: themselves!


JD’s Ult paired with Good Kill could do this. Explode and give Pilfer.

I mean, it’s already a hero game. You could call them super when they are maxed cards.

It is actually kind of ridicolous

What the ■■■■ is the trigger for these to unlock?
The mulcher one just won’t increase the count so I don’t know how I actually got the credit for 44 elims.

I spawned in as clay on Wave 12 and bought a mulcher and it won’t work. Some dailies don’t track until the end of match screen and others don’t work at all (the escape x amount of hives especially) . Other medals do it too. If they do track, it counts like one ever few times you do it. I managed to kill a mulcher scion as Paduk and picked it up. Used on a few enemies, thinking maybe it had to be a mulcher you picked up. Nope still won’t increase

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The Mulcher is apparently by Snub.

I don’t know about Running Scared.


Running scared simply doesn’t work atm. Michael is aware.


Well… There is a big difference between Snub and Mulcher! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


no its a good game !