Paduk's last words to Baird in Judgment

Make sure I never see you again

I know it’s probably explained in books how they made up but still frustrating. Same with JDs last words to Jinn being I’m not your ■■■■■■■ lieutenant. I know that this is kind of random but I just replayed judgement and thought it was weird. I know that book tie ins make money but at the very least certain important bits should be in the game as a digital book, kind of like how gears ultimate edition let you read some of the comics


Theres no mention of Paduk in the books

wow. So they probably just threw him in to the story as fan service without replaying judgment

I mean Baird has been helping Paduk out for what seems like a long time, And to be fair all Paduk said was lets never see each other again. Its not like he threatened Baird


I know it’s been a long time but more explanation of character relationships is always good

Honestly weird to see paduk helping the cog at all after what he thinks happened to Sofia. I didn’t beat 5 so idk if it’s explained as to why paduk is just chill. I assume it’s because Baird is his friend.

Pretty sure time made it easier to see him again. Or it’s Paxil just being Padua.

Paduk and the uir came in to help the last remaining humans during gears 3 for the final fight. When they needed help the most. He met with baird and cole before Cole and baird find out about Dom.

Paduk is probably way too old now to care about old grudges, he seems to give 0 ■■■■■ about everything in the gears 5 campaign. Also, maybe Sofia is still alive which would heal his relationship with Baird a little

Maybe. But Sofia is dead.

Was this confirmed??

Yes in the same conversation in aftermath

All he says is she was kidnapped and that he killed one of the people kidnapping

Ok but why would they keep her alive. She was probably tortured with experiments like maria and most likely died shortly after. I guess she could be alive but that wouldn’t be logical or even uplifting because we don’t get to actually see how she survived. Similar to how I don’t like how Reyna came back because we don’t see the events after kait cuts her down at the end of 4

She was kidnapped by humans not locust. She could easily be alive just as easily as she could be dead, I just know it was never confirmed

I mean it’s not that weird, paduk always acts like a miserable grouch. And another threat like the locust is pretty sure to mean he will deal with other people to survive lol.