Paduk in gears 5?

Did anyone else see the image in the new escape mode for gears 5 showing the other 3 characters? Two of them appear to be male and female cog soldiers but the last one looks like paduk with the burn mark on his face. Does anyone else think that’s him?

Nope, those are three characters introduced in the Hivebusters comic which has only had one issue released so far.

No not the hive buster characters, there’s an image showing 3 other characters alongside them and one of them looks like paduk and two of them are cog soldiers. It’s in a selection part of the demo.

He means this one. That’s clearly Paduk.

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I was thinking, what if one of the two COG gears was a Carmine? Or they could be the new generic COG gear or Medic. Or even NCOG. The right one looks female.

Yes left is male (but I don’t think that COG is a Carmine) and right is female and they LOOK DOPE AF.
Paduk looks like a burned Hoffman ahahhaha

Omg thank you for posting this! I definitely think that’s him! He’s a fan favorite for book readers so it’s about time we got him!

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