Paduk Horde Challengue Bugged?

Hello forum, what’s up! I’m just wondering if the Paduk Horde Challengue, that one where you have to get 50 eliminations while the fear is active, is it bugged? Or just explain to me how to do it cuz I use my hability to make them fear, then I kill them and the challengue it’s still 0/50.

Thank you for your time !

It is currently bugged, we have a few threads on that already :slight_smile:


Ah, ok, thank you so much Ghost!

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I tried personally as both Paduk and a non Paduk person killing the feared enemy, and neither worked.

Thank god your reply was fast cuz I’ve been this 2 days, holymolly, wth do i have to do to just get this challengue started? xD

I hope TC fix this soon

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Same. I figure this should have been an easy one to get knocked out.

Patience, something that I definitely struggle with.

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