Paduk Guide coming by Hu1k Daddy

Hey Gears!

This is just a quick follow up post to my weekend poll.

Paduk has won the poll so look for his guide to drop soon. I’ll be doing all my normal in-depth testing to try and deliver to you all the best information I can share.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who still enjoys these and making your voice heard for wanting more.

Currently planned release: This Sunday (10-18-20)



Kat didn’t win?

Big sad.


Sorry bro, she only had one vote.

But maybe I can still get her in before OP5 drops.


While you’re at it(if I haven’t missed it), you could also ‘educate’ players on the usefulness of The Hammer for Lizzie. Getting seriously tired of being ignored for lockers by engis or them always immediately going for level 4 on a JD when they need it less.

Sure thing,

I will be doing another weekend poll this weekend to see who everyone will want after Paduk.

When he is complete, that will have Keegan, Clayton and Paduk OP4 current.


Sadly except for her hologram, every other perk she has is in Del’s repertoire and probably would make a short guide. Id love TC to give the dlc chars an overhaul when the separation of class/character happens.

My friend @Hu1k_Daddy

We had a blast playing yesterday Gears of War 3 man… I think man that’s THE GAME to be :slight_smile: hahahahahaha

Lookin’ forward to read you guides man.




Can help with the guide if you ask. Dude stans Paduk like I Stan Kait and now Sammy



Thanks D! Yea fun times man. I’m doing nothing but G5 for right now until I get this Paduk guide out.

Fun-oh what fun it is.


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