Paduk fear ultimate is funny on escape mode

the way the enemies run hahahahah


I blitzed to the end and left my team hanging as I shut the door on em

What annoys me is that the enemy often run away from me, but TOWARD THE HELIPAD! Christ, of all the places they decide to run to! :unamused:


It looks like they’re programmed to run towards the end of hive, when it should be away from Paduk’s direction. The second option could bug out, depending which way he’s facing?

I imagine it is specficially programmed this way so people can’t use it to instantly win at the end of a hive.


I do wonder where they run to in normal Horde matches. Whether back to their spawns or to opposite side of starting spawn. So if team built base at opposite spawn, this could lead to enemies running into the base. Or maybe away from the Fabricator.

They run seemingly randomly away.

I saw a Bastion run away and explode :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah,so good that even the helicopter got scared and never showed up.


I used it facing into the hive as the doors were closing but I didn’t notice their direction - the initial stun was good enough.
I’ll try to make a note of it because this would be great to know.

It’s such a weird ultimate in general. The description says “enemies cannot attack & will retreat”, but with the card to extend they legitimately end up running halfway across the map… At least in horde anyway :pensive:

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It’s not funny, on horde I had sentinels at wave 35 when Paduk activated his fear the sentinels were still charging towards base rather than fleeing away from base. Which ended the game.

I’m almost certain it doesn’t work on robots… I just assumed that was intentional.

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It works on them. But the Sentinels just run anywhere on the map.

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Pretty sure it works on Stumps.

Really? It didn’t work on rejects when I tried it. Will probably need to test again later today. :man_shrugging:t4:

It says it doesn’t affect bosses. Sentinels are mini-bosses - I’d have thought they wouldn’t be affected?

I saw them get affected by it in a Horde match yesterday. It also makes Wardens run to the other end of the map like weeping children after they angrily show up at your doorstep.


Yea I saw that but I tried it on a warden and he took off. Then tried it on stumps on The Trap, didn’t check to see what happened, but I just ran and didn’t get shot, so I’m pretty certain it works on stumps too.

I’m almost certain it had no effect on The Malfunction earlier today.
Sorry I was referring to Stumps, quoting the wrong formite! :joy:

I thought I was the only one who didn’t knew that lol.

Definitely does work on sentinels as far as I know. But its bit stupid because it seems like they to dart around anywhere once effected. And in my case it came straight into my base. Game over for me

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