Paduk builds for horde

I’m curious as to what players are using now especially that bleed is now null on barriers.

As a recently post stated, Paduk’s stim bleed is pretty much useless once you play inconceivable or master. Even if using bleed stim in lower game modes, I head shot everything way faster than letting them bleed out anyways.

So I’ve tested a few set ups with scout, sniper sets and so far my favorite so far is :

Intimidation :currently olvl 2
markza :currently lvl4
consecutive: shot currently lvl3
acceleration : currently lvl3 4

For the 5th depending on the map I’ll use
rain down: currently lvl 3
gnasher :currently 4

This set up has proven usefully especially when you can get your critical damage up. Head shots and fear keep you from being swarmed up on one side and at times I get one hit head shot kills on most drones. I can down heavies in about 5-8 head shots. Ammo is your only enemy untill you get a weapons locker with 2 markzas.
Even when low on ammo, I can do good damage with the boltok and haven’t yet found the concussion card useful but I found also just suck at aiming.

Just really curious if anyone has tried this set up similar or something better. He’s been real fun character especially when I usually play as Dell. As his cards start to get up he’s definitely a deadly character on masters. Up untill of course JD and the GL and tri shot salvo take over.

I was thinking of going down the same path.
Raindown seems very well suited to Blood Drive :slight_smile:

I like to run
Intimidation (6)
Faze (5)
Markza (6)
Acceleration (6)
Consecutive Shot (5)

I’ve noticed that Consecutive shot gives you its bonus on the very first shot you hit (as in the first critical shot does 25 percent more damage at level 5)

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That’s not a bad set up are you running a retro or lancer as well?

I usually have either a Retro Lancer or a Lancer as well for CC.

I ran that way but Faze + Intimidation only gives you stim and maybe pushes some other guy back a little but the stim doesn’t seem to do too much for you

Faze is the card that when you do an execution, enemies within 10 meters get the Fear status on them. You might be thinking of Lifeline.

Whoops sorry yeah.
I was using faze with armored shot but the nerf to get rid of Armored shot had me also getting rid of faze.
The shotgun card honestly solves my reject problem while sniping with paduk so I’m thinking of giving that a go this evening. If I ever complete my training at work.

You know what tho that might work better than gnasher, it still takes a few shots once they get close and with terror effect after execution it should clear all other enemies around you

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Tbh I’m loving what they’ve done with paduk. He has a couple of good builds. You can focus on ranged damage, or go for the fear effect with a couple of different builds. Ranged fear with the headshots, execution chain with stims. My only issue with paduk is that so many of his cards are purple or higher. Gonna take a while to level him up properly.

His concussion rounds isn’t great for horde but its mad useful is escape if you use it right. If you have a tight spot (like the corridors in blood drive) it stacks very well with his faze card since it allows you to execute the guys you headshot while they are stunned.

Tell me about it… I keep getting cards even through a master run that are useless to me. I haven’t used him much in escape but I figured the concussion was going to be key in escape. When you get a head shot concussion, can you execute?

I haven’t got around to playing with Paduk much, and may not bother because I like Kait and Fahz more. But regardless, I don’t think you can go into an Insane/Incon/Master horde match if your cards are only level 2 or 3. That’s a bit unfair on the other players.

I’ll give Paduk a go when the medal for killing enemies when Fear is active actually works!

I am using a very good build for a scout/melee Paduk.

My cards i am using ( english is not my first language so i try to describe if i dont know the name):

Purple card - causes fear to enemies within 10m after execution

Execution shield - dmg resistance while execution and gaining stim after it

Blue card - 45 s recharged ulti after execution

Nomad Armor - 32% dmg resistance if enemies max 15m away from ballistic bullets

Green card - radius of fear is 5m more

And the very important weapon for this playstyle called retrolancer.
I did master matches with it the last couple of days.

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Yup. It stuns them in the same way as a flash grenade. It’s crazy useful. Combine it with his super charge, stim execute and fear execute abilities and he can crowd control like an absolute boss. IF you can make the headshots :wink:
I need to pound put some surge runs with him.

Depends on the map. On surge you just run to the end and then kill 2 juvies, a pouncer and maybe a grenadier.
As long as one of you can do that then it should be fine.

I usually stick to leveling up games or start my own plus my trusty daughter always plays jack! But even with his cards not all leveled up I usually carry a masters well through 30 waves. That’s what impressed me was the damage I can do and his cards aren’t all the way up!

Ah, sorry. I was thinking only of Horde. For Surge on Escape, I certainly agree with you, and do the same for levelling purposes. I took Level 1 COG soldier all the way up to level 16 doing it that way. Some characters are easier to do that than others. COG was easy because of all the damage resistance buffs, and the buffed snub. I’ve tried it with Kait though and regularly wipe before I even get to the safe room. Not sure if it’s because she’s weak, or my team mates suck (no Cole?) or because they’ve maybe done a phantom buffing of enemies on that hive for Op 4.

I wondered how well fear cards stacked would manage. I’m gonna have to try this myself

Definitely prefer the fear build for Paduk, I’m currently using the following:

Execution Shield
Powered Sprint
Armored Shot

The first three are keepers as they are great for chaining the fear effect & recharging his ultimate (three/four executions is usually enough for a full recharge).

Using Powered Sprint as a Nomad Armor replacement but need a few more games before I’ve decided if it’s a keeper.

Armored shot is there mainly because I love bleed damage but I could end up dropping up it for another fear based card :joy:

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