Paduk and Stim/Armored Shot

I’m having a difficult time getting and maintaining stim when playing Paduk in order to utilize Armored Shot. I’m using Lifeline and Intimidation, with Markza dmg and Acceleration. One of those will be swapped out for the stacking critical card when I level it a little.

As much as I like bleed, I can’t help but almost instantly lose stim after gaining it from Intimidation/Lifeline. Lifeline is low level for me, so the stim amount is tiny and is removed by low levels of damage.

Additionally, Intimidation is awesome in theory, but enemies don’t appear to cluster close enough together to ensure triggering fear, which means I’m not gaining stim as often as I’d like.

On higher difficulties/waves I struggle consistently killing enemies in fear, due to bonus health and excessive Salvos, Trishots etc that easily out damage Paduk and kill said feared enemies first.

I may not be skillful enough to pull off Markza criticals at far enough range to remove myself from danger. Is this my only problem, or is there other advice to be given? My cards are all fairly low level as I only recently started playing again.

(I HAVE noticed the potential for great damage output under the right circumstances. Active reloads/Armored Shot on the underbelly of a Snatcher will annihilate it, and I imagine with damage stacked from Consecutive Shot, bosses/large targets would melt - although it wasn’t made clear to me if Armored/Consecutive still conflict with one another).

Edit: I have read Hu1kDaddy’s guide and the conversations there but am still struggling with the sniper build. Execution/Fear or a Hybrid are easier for me, though suspect a hybrid would suffer at high difficulties .

Yeah I’ve never had any success with Paduk without Faze, and Execution Shield. The other cards are more to your discretion. I would go Faze, Exec Shield, Acceleration, Armored Shot, Concussive Shot, just use a longshot and getting stim from executions. I don’t know how well that will go over on Masters though. I’m not much of a horde guy, but I recently did a run with my Fahz who has maxed damage cards. On higher waves even he was taking several headshots just to kill scions. Plus, you won’t have the x-ray which was critical just to buy the time to line up headshots safe from harassment.

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Intimidation needs a slight tweak tbh, 5m is too small a radius to fear stuff, 10m would probably be more ideal, you’d be able to spook several enemies most of the time with 10m, even so, his sniper side of things isn’t beefy enough to warrant use atm in my opinion, besides his execution cards all seem to outshine his markza/ranged cards.

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It’s easier with Level 5-6 cards. If you don’t have Consecutive Shot yet, then I wouldn’t really expect your Paduk to play its best potential yet. Level 5-6 Markza Mastery + Consecutive Shot / Acceleration should help further to score headshots in 2+ shots, also helping to gain Stim. I don’t remember what Level 1-5 Intimidation does, like if the range is under 5 metres.

About avoiding to lose Stim, it helps to stand behind wall high cover, instead of pressing A to take cover. So strafing left and right and shooting, exposes less of character, compared to holding LT while in cover, which exposes whole body.

About bunched up enemies, it really depends on the map and location. Blood Drive and Overload seems to have enemies bunched up often. Or in high traffic areas or enemies stuck on Barriers. It’s easier to get Stim off them with Intimidation + Lifeline. You could also use your Ultimate Fear, then kill them for Stim too.


I disagree with this. It really depends on a lot of things. For example, you see many Drones around the middle of map and you could take them out within seconds with Markza build, compared to running up to them in close quarter out in open, and spreading fear for every execution. The Markza way would’ve been faster, and doesn’t involve running up each enemy.

Both ways are great and they both shine at different things.

I reckon its a preference thing then, I’ve had more success/fun running his execution skills, I do struggle a tad running anything sniper related with the aforementioned issues of the thread topic, even with cards at level 5-6. If that class does indeed get new cards along with perk changes I’ll totally try out ranged-play again. :smiley:

I hope he doesn’t get more Legendary / Epic skills because he already has 2 Legendary and 7 Epic skills. If there were to be more in Op 5, it would further dilute the cards drop pool when playing Master. But at same time, more cards are interesting…

A stim regen card like Halo would be nice, doesn’t even have to be an insane amount of stim either, but enough for bleed damage to kick in.

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Intimidation works if there are plenty of barriers to pool enemies together. But I don’t find that’s effective enough. But man you deal some damage to a feared enemy, I just don’t like how QUICKLY they run away.

You almost need barriers everywhere just to get the most damage out of fear. Barriers to group then together for intimidation, barriers to slow their run so they don’t run out of sight.

Feared enemy becomes xray???

Yup, and I don’t think that’s ever gonna change.

I use both consecutive and armoured shot. It’s almost impossible to keep a good stim, so when I don’t, I’ll string criticals together.

When I got stim I don’t worry about getting criticals. I use consecutive shot instead of acceleration

Perhaps that’s why they don’t care that Armored shot almost never works - they’ve tried to turn it into a positive that always losing stim turns back on your consecutive shot :laughing:

Well for some reason Paduks bleed works with the GL, but none of the other explosives do. And it’s pretty good in Escape.

Noticed that the other day as well. Picked up the GL on a whim on the mist hive. The bloody stim card was on, i hit the active while the Matriarch was around, squared it up, and then stood back in awe, hair blown back at the enormity of the bleed damage. i was like Hmmm. Thats handy. Note to self, experiment in horde.

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Frags apparently work as well. Haven’t tested it myself though. Boomshot definitely doesn’t work. Tried that a few times on the Blight.

Another thing i’ve noticed, from playing as Keegan on the Split and picking up an embar, that shots i hit will cause bleed with the railgun. They might have been actives, or not, but there it was, a rail slug to the noggin and they stagger and start bleeding.

Wait what? You 100% certain it was your bleed?

99% certain yes. This was about a week ago. Right at the beginning encounter and then in the encounter to the right handside. I was like ‘what?’ I didnt’ know that.

Baird didn’t happen to be around, right?

No. It was me as keegan. No baird around. I’m a go try it again.