Packs to be updated with series 3 content?

Do you think TC will ever update the packs in the market with series 3 content? I know that the series 3 content is old but we still have series 2 content in the packs and I have 30k credits and nothing to spend them on.

Series 3 content is in the boxes

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Since when? It says series 2 for me.

Yup, and it has been for ages now. Over a year? Maybe even about 18 months. The description from the ingame store just hasn’t been updated.

So series 3 is in the packs including the character skins and weapon skins but it just says series 2?

Yes. Series 3 cards were added gradually over a long period - probably over a 12 month period or longer. Every couple of months a handful of cards would be added. Around March or April 2019, they basically added everything that was leftover with a few exceptions (which will remain exclusive like the Golden Gear Pack items).


Correct, spend your credits for series 1,2 and 3 content. :+1:

LOL, seriously? I noticed when you go to the cards it shows on the right most-likely chance and shows the packs, but yea, they didn’t update the description then, wow.

Guess I’m boutta go through 70k on Elite Packs.

Elite packs are not they way to go. The 800 supply pack is equally as good and you can “afford” 2 with change/credits each time. 13 cards approx instead of 5. I have had loads of golds and purples with 800 credit supply drops.
I have also had total rubbish in the 2000 credit packs.

I’ve heard that in terms of value of cards, all packs offer an equal rate in terms of credits spent VS valuable cards gained.

So whether you spend 10,0000cr on Elite packs or Ops packs, the total value for scrap, likelihood of Epic and Legendary cards etc, are apparently identical. RNG may skewer things slightly but not intentionally.

But Elite Packs are customisation card only. The other packs provide things like Horde skills, bounties, as well as customisation.

With the Ops packs, I’ve sometimes opened up say, 5 at a time and only got green and blue cards. Other times I’ve had say, two or three Epics in the same pack. Ops packs can be wildly different!

I have opened over a hundred elite packs in the last two days there is no series 3 I would be happy if TC would just release reclaim back to the escalation playlist

They’re definitely there. I got a Helmetless UIR character; and Lieutenant Walker (plus a few weapons) in the last week on my secondary account.

Wow I must just be unlucky

It’s hard to say for sure, but I did notice that series 3 cards dropped alot less frequently. I dunno if the drop rates are different in any way to the launch or series 2 cards, or if it’s just RNG being idiotic.

The total pool of launch cards and series 2 cards is larger than series 3, so probability means that even if the programmed drop rates are the same, then series 3 cards are less frequent.

You also need to bear in mind that the launch packs like the Elite or Ops packs are saturated with common green cards too, whereas emblems aside, I don’t think there’s many common series 3 cards (all of the weapons that were part of the featured Gear Packs were rare or epic). So the likes of the Sugar or Smiley weapons are much more frequent drops and take up a card slot too.

That seems unbelievable, are you sure you have not got any series 3 stuff and just missed ?
Can you remember what if any characters you got ?

All series 2 doesn’t matter too much I mean I was just trying to spend my credits I usually only use two characters anyways as for the gilded charactersI’ve already scrapped them I still have like a hundred and fifty thousand credits I’ll burn in the next couple days if 3 comes up I’ll post here

I believe them that series 3 content is in the packs, however i have opened so many elite packs and i never got any series 3 content in 30k credits worth of packs.

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