Packet loss only on gears 5

i’m brazilian and i’m having a problem, i wanted to know if anyone else has it, i’m missing an infinite package, only on gears 5, my internet was horrible, but i could play it good, it was from 15 mbs OI and it’s ping at 30 it was very good, but when I switched to 50 mbs optical fiber for TIM, which is much better than the old one, I have an infinite package loss, my friend is also having the same problem. Anyone else with this problem?
(sorry for errors in english i used google translator; Yes, me
use network cable)

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Yes, it’s an official part of the Gears 5 experience.


Are you also with this problem? do you use fiber optics?

do a normal packet loss test to google. it could be the Azure servers MS uses or it could be your connection.

if you run multiple tests and it comes back mostly fine then it’s the Gers servers at fault. nothing you can do really.


It could be your modem. A friend had the same problem after he switched to Fiber.Despite being a very fast connection, it wasn’t stable so he bought a better modem and it fixed all his problems. Those cheap plastic thing ISP give you can get hot very fast and that will affect it’s performance.

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could a router solve? it is strange because I only have this problem in this game

I don’t have packet loss typically. More so, roll of the dice if I get a closer server or a farther away one. Even with the settings turned on for better connection instead of faster matchmaking. PVE I seem to get a very consistent ping (low), PVP is the luck of the draw.

but my connection all also depends on what my roommates are doing at any given time if they’re home.

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make sure you’re also not mistaking the icons. they’re not very well defined and what looks your typical packet loss icon is actually “trouble connecting to the server”. :thinking:

Quoted from TC employee:

This is showing trouble connecting to the server

These are packet loss and internet issues. These two together are likely a console connection issue, not solely a game connection issue.

Thank you for your patience.


I have a 1 gig fiber connection and never have a problem.

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If a router is made of cheap plastic then it will become unstable when it gets too hot, just like any other electronic, that’s why more expensive items are made with other materials or use heat sinks.

Maybe it is your case, maybe not, just check it doesn’t get too hot while playing.

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So I’m not going crazy then, I knew it wasn’t my connection.

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finally got it - bug fixed

if someone else is having this problem watch this video, I bet it also works for other games, thanks to everyone who took the time to help me, thanks again

Yea still all the way broken is there a way to swap servers like choose where to play maybe its the NA servers thats broken

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Even when the packet loss symbol is not present it still occurs net code is trash.

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