Pack RNG is ridiculous

Now i get the whole RNG thing with pack in any game, i’m also happy that I don’t have to buy these with real money and that i can earn credits in game to buy but this RAAM pack has finished me off. I want just one character that all, I have used so many credits I lost count with not a single character, Just the same weapon skins over and over and over again.

I work weekends so I don’t have an unlimited amount of time to play and earn more credits so i thought I’d buy a mega pack with real money to better my chances as your guaranteed one of the two characters in a pack. Thats a 50/50 chance of getting Uzil Sraak.

I buy a pack and get RAAM, ok so I got a character finally, not the one i wanted but at least a character (for more than the cost of game pass which includes this entire game) fine.

So realistically the next pack I buy with money should include the other character, The one I want. NOPE. RAAM again. So ok, bad luck, lets try just one more time. Yet again RAAM.

The point i’m trying to get at is, why are you allowing duplicates for people paying actual money? Shouldn’t this game be smart enough to not give out duplicates over and over and over again, especially if someones put nearly £10 into it for just one pack? I’m just lost for words at this point, Literally no other game gets it this bad and my post isn’t the first about this, nor will it be the last.

I’d just at some point like to feel rewarded for something in this game, currently i just feel like you’re slapping everyone in the face while laughing atop your mountain of cash.


People are going to tell you “you knew what you were paying for yada yada yada”.

But I totally agree with you. Paying real money for RNG AND duplicates is just stupid. There should be nothing exclusive to luck about getting these new characters, especially for money.

I don’t buy packs or even open them with my 300k credits because I already have the characters I want in the game, but it still irks me the way it’s done.


I agree. In this case they should have a Raam pack and a Sraak pack for the money they are charging and maybe an RNG pack at a lower price.


I agree completely. 10 bucks is alot of money for a character let alone paying 10 bucks just to get duplicates. It hasn’t happened to me on this pack, but it has several times on the esports packs.

I would like to add that the gnasher drop rate on this pack is ridiculous. I’ve gotten raam 7 times and sraak 3 times and still no gnasher. It’s an epic not even a legendary. That’s what gets me. They always make something in these packs next to impossible to get, which is a bad time for completionists. I feel like between the rng and the broken ranking system the coalition is really chasing ALOT of players away.


I already bought 1 mega pack and got Raam. I bought the Rise of Raam graphic novel for the second mega pack and if I get Raam again I’m gonna be really disappointed

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Hate to say it but you probably will. Raam drops way more than sraak. Good luck to you though!

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I wonder whats the reasoning why they allow duplicates for packs bought by money.

If TC arent willing to change that, what about reducing the chances of getting duplicates (but not completely eliminate it) and increase chance of finding characters.

How would the community feel about that?


Honestly I don’t see anything changing. Sadly this seems to be the direction all games are going. Hell even the mobile games are taking this route. And I know people will say some ■■■■■■■■ like just don’t pay with real money, but at this point it won’t matter. If you want it you’ll have to buy it. They’re not just going to give it to you because you refuse to pay for it. Even if no one spent a dime on packs they’d still remain behind a $$$ wall and they’d just sit there and nobody would have those flashy skins. If you want them you’ve got to pay for them. It sucks but that’s the way it is now. I’m guilty of paying, I’ve spent roughly $100 on packs and do you know what I have to show for it? Two skins that I actually wanted and use. That’s it, $100 for essentially 2 skins. I wish they’d go back to if you want that badass skin then you need to complete in game challenges for them and if something does cost cash then you’re guaranteed whatever it is being advertised.

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Exactly. If we have to pay to get the skins. We should get the damn skins! Not duplicates! Not only that, but if you are paying for skins they should be good skins! Look at this pathetic esports supporter 10 pack. The money weapon skins or whatever they are called. They are absolutely pathetic and lazy. 10 bucks for a pack. They should be the greatest skins ever made! Most of the skins i have gotten for free are better than these esports skins. I find it funny that they used money as the skins. That symbolizes the money they are robbing people of and lining their pockets for these packs.

I used to defend the coalition, but i am beyond aggravated with them between these packs and the BROKEN ranking system. I’m really starting to think microsoft needs to give this game to another studio before the coalition destroys the greatest series ever.


There is not a single pack where I haven’t felt this. I uninstalled the game a little while back so I cannot say anything about the RAAM pack. But all characters for the past year. Minus Griffin and that Ruby Scion I think, have all only been in packs. And nearly all characters have been monetized. It just feels like there is no reason for leveling up other than bragging rights and no sense of progression.

The sense of accomplishment feels gone from Gears. There is nothing besides an achievement to unlock for beating the game on Insane. There is no special character or skin for leveling up until you’re already past the tenth re-up. It feels so focused on
get credits–> get packs–> repeat.
And little deviation from that formula.

I just hope Gears 5 gives us a better sense of accomplishment and progression.

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This pack was advertised that it woul become available for credits in like 3 or 4 months ago. Why dont you have those credits by now? Sure in the beginning of gears 4 cycle they were pumping packs like crazy and it was hard to keep up. However that is not the case anymore. Plan in advance and you’ll get what you want.

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That’s beside the point. You’re not guaranteed anything because all of it is RNG. I could spend 100k credits and still not get what I want. Just like I could spend 100k dollars on packs and still not get what I want. It’s all up to RNG, whether I’m using cash or credits and that’s not how it should be.

Lol. Suckers

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I know that… but OP said he had to rely on buying because he didnt get the characters. By this point he should have at least 100k credits or close to that and I doubt it takes that many credits to get 2 characters out of a 400cr pack. I bought like 40k worth of credits and got 10 characters 6 raam and 4 sraak

Originally I thought once you got one of the characters, you couldn’t get the other, since it says in the description of the pack “Chance at Vold Raam or Uzil Sraack…” which I now assume is a typo because that would be a bit too ridiculous. I’ve purchased 45 packs with credits and got Raam at some point, but not Uzil Sraack.

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True, but then again he may just have plain old ■■■■■■ luck. I’ve been on the bad side of RNG many times, and it sucks pretty hard lol

I purchased 40 packs got one RAAM, three lancers, and two gnashers. I did complete the set but already had Sraak and RAAM from purchasing the comic.

Thing with RNG is that sometimes it bites your rear end. It took me 78,000cr (195 packs) to get the entire Rise Of RAAM set. I only got 3 legendary cards so scrap wise I didn’t do too well.

I’d say that as an average, it’s taken me around 70,000cr to complete the whole set for past packs (regardless of whether it’s a 400cr or 2,000cr pack). I’ve also had really bad luck - 196,000cr, to complete a set, but equally had good luck as well - around 34,000cr. It’s just luck!

Vote with ur wallet. U sucker’s r just proving people will gamble their $ away for some skins. Which will tell game companies to keep doing this evil practice. This ain’t rocket science.

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