Ovest Europe players of Gears 5 , have you Ping problems in these days?

Hi All ,
doing a network test the ping latency is 35. On Gears West Europe server is about 49 and in deathmatch the game is unplayable with the classic network error that appears intermittently during the game. This has been happening from 4-5 days. I play from Italy and my Ping was a few days ago in western Europe max of 35, the same value that the test gives me from the Xbox settings. I wanted to know if you also have these problems. Thank you all


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Eu player here, my pings about 25/30 on eu server. Connection has been fine for me.

There were problems up until a few weeks ago where despite low ping, there was alot of rubber banding and lag. This affected PVE and PVP alike, but seems fine for me for the last 2 weeks or so.

glas fiber Switerland from usually 2ms - 10ms, (EU Server)
from a couple of weeks Fixed packet loss for me

Its been bad for me the last 3 or 4 times i have played, its shoots up to like 600

The server used in Western Europe matchmaking in my opinion has problems. The nat test is all ok with ping 35 (which is normal for me) but the server on Gears from 49. I’m not the only one, many Italians with high pings that are not normal and in any case others that I find playing against all have very high pings or higher than usual . I hope they will solve it as soon as possible because in this way the game becomes unplayable and then the annoyance that those connection squares intermittently give …

Something is still off with servers. My ping it pretty low most of the time but I seem to be rubber banding more than ever which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
One game I was stood behind a pillar i got downed and my body shifted to a different spot to a different side of the pillar. I get that happens when you are running but I was standing still for about 5 seconds.

I had this last night.

Edit: Not sure which server i was on as was playing comp execution.

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Yes exactly that!
I’m getting that with low ping which is strange.
No wonder I can’t hit anyone lately when the game thinks I’m in an entirely different position than what is being shown on my screen.


Games all trash again… So nothing’s changed.