Overrun Sequel 2.0

I can feel it. Gears 6. Right around the corner…

Listen up TC. You want it. I want it. The fans want it. God wants it.

Escape is dead and buried where it belongs. Whats next???..?

Overrun 2.0.

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(Also Kait should become the new Myrrah and die in 6)


No I do not

By all that is holy strike this man down

That position is already taken new queen sucks

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Yeah but I do.

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A more serious reply

Personally didn’t like the idea of Overrun. If people genuinely enjoyed it thats fine I guess. To me it just feels like the same crowd that loved beast mode which I don’t know how popular that was at peak to finish.

Just a personal preference, I’d like if all the PvE resources went into Horde and Escape if it makes a return. I think Escape could be so much more.

I don’t know how much more you could do with Horde but I’d love to see Overrun, Beast and Escape come back.

Feel like the DNA of Overrun and Beast are the same so they’d feed into each other.

Escape I could see how you might evolve it, but not by much.

Wow I didnt realize Escape fans actually existed! This must be what bigfoot or alien sightings feel like.

Seriously - Between Campaign and Horde, I truly never understood the point of Escape. It always seemed like a solution in search of an problem. Both Campaign and Horde do what Escape do, just way better. Now that the map editor is gone, I struggle to see what justifies its existence.

I love campaign (obviously) and Horde (still the King), but Id take Beast or Overrun anyday of the week over Escape.

Also, Overrun is technically PvP and not PvE.

I can sort of see your point for Campaign, but Horde really isn’t anything like Escape. Unless wave-based defense compares to a linear, progressive map split up into 2/3 acts, with a time limit imposed by a map hazard.

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I think of it as Gears’ attempt into a PvE type mode like “Raids” or “Dungeons.”

Just doesn’t fit the scale that other games do it though. Quantity over quality.

It is literally a timed campaign. The map hazard is literally just a clock in disguise.

The only reason I compare it to horde is because its a coop mode. Other than that, yeah, its literally just campaign for speedrunners.

Not worth an entire standalone gamemode - not when theres infinitely better things they could do with dev resources.

Maybe, but I think the mode has potential, though you’re not necessarily interested in discussing it. I was just saying I didn’t see the comparison to Horde much.

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Yeah but it also serves some function.

There’s no story or character. A path yes, but not a Campaign. That’d be like calling a game of Overrun without PvP a Campaign because it’s linear.

This makes no sense. A Campaign for Speedrunners would just be… the Campaign.

Subjective, but I’d prefer Escape (and Beast/Overrun for that matter) over Horde. Even over PvP most days.

Id love to hear what potential Escape has.

Well, for one, I think the whole thing could be refined into something more distinct, while using the basis of what the map builder provides(provided). More environments, better variable spawns, instead of one or two easily memorized and predictable spawn sets, the like. More environmental hazards instead of just the venom and point and shoot/melee. But those are just basic ideas I have off the top of my head.

Some people have also suggested using it to build some kind of PvE/PvP hybrid mode where a player places units in the path of the team trying to get out, or controls enemies themselves.

If you want a post with more detail, I’ll have to think of more stuff when it’s not nearing 3 AM during the night. Kinda not too bothered to make a big post at the moment.


Imagine you enter an Escaper map with buttons scattered around the place.

Some set off cryo vents. Some laser walls. Maybe some water flow that can be turned into bridges with Cryo Cannons.

Pillars/cave-ins/cannons that could be activated/destroyed by explosives or a shock grenade/Jack.

Enemies that affect areas and force you to use certain cover. Maybe an enemy that works like a wind tunnel, where you have to move from cover to cover getting closer to said enemy.

I feel if it was narrowed down to support a few interesting set pieces or combat encounters Escape could rival Raids from Destiny or Towers in Mortal Kombat as far as a PvE game mode. (In the same sort of category).

The biggest thing that holds Escape back I feel is the setting of it being a Hivebuster mission. Plant bomb, go to exit. With other objectives (Taking a point(s), defending an objective, an escort or whatever else) I think 'Escape," or at least the spirit of the mode could be a truly unique experience for Gears.


To add to this, they could possibly add the gears 3 horde system in which kills earned you money to be spent on fortifications/weapons. But since it’s escape you dont want to be sat in one place for too long. So perhaps the money could be spent on traps like you suggested. Like laser walls, electric traps or maybe even reinforcements like Baird’s DeeBee drops from the Gears 5 campaign

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