Overrun Returning?

Overrun had a great following in the prime of judgment, I feel like if it was tweaked a tiny bit and a spectator mode was added it would definitely thrive and that the potential of an E Sports scene could most definitely become a thing. Fans might enjoy a new take on this style of multiplayer, regardless of E Sports or not I know had us Overrun streamers/players had a little more love in Judgment we might’ve been able to salvage it with online tournaments etc. but who knows?

Would love for a Dev to comment on this!

Thanks, Iggy

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Both sides aren’t balanced though, different classes and weapons.

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Not going to happen for 4 as development has ended for it.

5 maybe or for Judgement Remaster / Ultimate Edition.

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It was balanced actually, everything had a counter to it if you played at a high level. Stacking classes on COG was never a good idea lol

If I take Rager and Sniper for example.
Breechshot was simply a one shot headshot, compared to Markza.

Markza had a larger clip size than Breechshot, also scout brought the AOE “take more damage and spot” nade lol you cant compare weapons to weapons to be honest its class vs class and the Rager was just as squishy as a Scout until he popped his CD. A good team wouldnt use Rager so much at high levels back in the day and even so the opposing team could very easily deal with the Rager.

I wrote up a huge post a long time ago and I hope I still have it somewhere on my PC because it offered up a lot of changes for certain Locust to be swapped out or price changed imo. Thats for another day but you get my gist.

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It was meant to be slightly balanced towards the locust side anyway - as each team took it in turns as the COG / locust, it was about seeing who could beat the COG the fastest (you could stop the locust as the COG, but usually it was unlikely, and those rounds would be kinda boring)

I’d quite like to see Overrun return! It was one of the better things about Judgment…
Though they could make some improvements (I always thought the engineer was the wrong way round - auto-shooting sentries but manual repairing? Invigorating gameplay! And teams spamming sentries and booshkas were really a pain!)
I think it’d be interesting with the new swarm enemies.

I actually enjoyed this mode. Wouldn’t mind if it came back

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Great mode, I would be very interested in a 2.0. Likewise Breakthrough (Gears take on CTF) never got the love it deserved as most players had left J at that point it released. A version of that in 5 could be good

Loved this mode, lack of maps was a problem though.

That part of it is what makes it interesting. You go with what you think will be good. It’s all a gamble when you choose a character in OVERRUN. I love the mode and would love the comeback.

I wouldn’t mind seeing an Overrun 2.0 for Gears 5.
It would be an interesting game mode with character/class perks, rather than everyone on equal footing with same loadouts like normal Versus.

Chaps, I have a wonderful plan of how we could all play Overrun as soon as today…I think you know where I’m going with this :slight_smile:

Oh I guess Wretches are the Juvies. Swarm Grenadiers and we need a Swarm Mauler. Swarm Kantus Swarm Tickers lol the list goes on. Y’all get the picture?

Yeah, it was not balanced. But it was not really supposed to be. Some liked it am some did not. I liked it enough. Just a variation on gameplay which I like. Honestly that is a game taste. Some like the same mode, and even the same map, repeatedly. I like variation and will change the way I play.

Just for an example I know a lot of people that regularly play PUBG and Fortnite. If those games had different modes besides BR they would not touch it. They did not like that Fortnite altered the map. And they wanted PUBG to stick to the one original map. Surprising the number of people that are like that. BR mode on other games like COD IIII and BF V would be the only mode they played.

Others want to play different modes. Oddly enough that is a smaller group of the hundreds of people I know that play from family to friends. But then most only want to play shooters. Most first person.

No thanks. Overrun requires its own unique maps and as it already takes TC 6 months or so to properly create 1 map for multiplayer, Overrun would require just as much if not more of their resources. - Do I even need to mention the blunder TC made with Gears 4 maps?

Before TC can even look at creating or bringing back modes such as overrun/beast mode, they first have to defy expectations and make up for their mistakes in Gears 4. To do that they’ll need to consolidate their resources, rather than branch them out on things like overrun.

I wouldn’t mind them actually using the maps already given to us and more. Just to really flesh it out, I like the competitive nature of this mode.

If they used the existing maps it would basically be beast mode against other players, which I wouldn’t be against. But I can’t imagine what gamemode objective would be good enough for the small maps used in versus, not to mention how OP the swarm would be against the cog.

Well this is posted in the Gear 5 forum, so I don’t think he was suggesting it returning to Gears 4. :smile:

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Ok my bad :+1:

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