Overrun for gears 5! Or a remaster!

Overrun ! We have a big active overrun community! There is alot of people that love this game !! We need it for gears 5. Or a stand alone DLC !


I’m hoping TC listens to the fan base here. Overrun would be a great addition to Gears 5


If anyone wants to join us. We have overrun lobbies every night and the pros of overrun come to play on the weekends ! Search " overrun " in xbox one club searches. Or add bp300 on xbox. We also have a facebook group chat to organize the lobbies. We gather our 10 … pick captains, the captains pick teams depending on who got the coin flip right, once teams are picked , we go search ranked with our 5 and we end up finding the other 5 and we play this super unique competitive mode ! Ranked servers have been dead for years. But us as the underground community have kept it alive. We dont do quickmatch. We play ranked to be able to choose the Map we want to play. Also we all have VIP . Those are the favorites maps of the community.

It’s a pretty big overrun community that uploads overrun pretty much on the daily. Sucks that this mode never got the exposure. Alot of fear vets hate this mode because they want the old basic shotgun vs shotgun tdm modes…(boring) . Overrun is never boring due to the tactical and strategic elements due to the various classes… …can you feel my passion?I’m just one of the hundreds !

Xbox gt:BP300

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Tbh i want to see a new mode, maybe akin to Halo 5 warzone.


We need a remaster man ! Please ! The maulers the team work on offense and defense!!omg that other teamwork tactic game mode is this good ?? Asnwer … NONE.

Search overrun in xbox one clubs

Gt :bp300

Are all of your posts going to be about overrun?

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