Overrun 2.0 | Yes or No?

Overrun was more or less unique depending on your view of the game as a whole. But you can’t say it was horrible all together, It was something new, fresh and made “Horde” a team based game mode. Not saying Gears 3 and 2 had no team effort and strategy, I can say however it’s mainly just kill and survive, with strategy based on were and what to build. If someone is bad at gears 3 Horde, they’ll just get carried by the ones who are good. In gears 4 and occasionally in Judgment, having even one bad teammate can really effect you in late game situations. (Getting down and killed wasting a free revive, or not having enough firepower/defense to protect the hole efficiently from both left and right side)

But I missed Overrun, mainly as it was player VS player. But in the Horde fashion, something I’ve been craving for till this day. So I think we can make a Horde that is like Overrun but based around 3.0 Horde and is a 1v5 strategy type game play.

Here’s how it will end up, It’s a 1v5, 5 Horders (classes like we have in Gears of War 4 Horde) VS 1 “Queen”. The Horders can set up anywhere they like and how they like, But depending on how much you build and how long you survive, the Queen can send out Swarm troops for you to fight and attempt to destroy the fabricator. The Queen has her own type of cards and “purchasing” system. Like how you kill enemies to get power for fortifications. If she gets downs and kills, she gets “Blood Shed” to either save up for a more violent assault nearing the end of the wave or later on reaching the boss was for a devastating push on your base. She can also select where she wants said Swarm troops to spawn and how many to spawn.

The Queen gets Blood Shed over time as to keep the game on a one going pace, but her cards can make it rough later on. The longer you last the more difficult cards she unlocks, but also allowing you so set up more defense and protection for the fabricator. If the fabricator is destroyed, the game dose not end, but you lose the ability to to make fortification until the Engineer can fix it. (Fixing will require the engineer to be in a immobile position and work on the fabricator until it is done. This can take up to a whole 2 waves, but can stop repairing the fabricator to tend to more needed fortifications during the current wave.

If the Queen successfully kills the whole team, she gets a massive Blood Shed bonus, but the Horders can decide to surrender or keep going to attempt to finish the game. If she kills the whole team and the fabricator, she wins instantly. If the Horders live throughout the wave without any deaths or downs, they get a small Energy bonus. (depending on how many die and/or gets downed.)

Their will be a difficulty scaling in this system as well, like we have in Gears of War 4, the higher the difficulty, the harder the bots. But the harder the difficulty you go, the more challenging cards the Queen can equip. Same goes for Horders, but a bit different. Depending on your Card’s level and what difficulty you have selected, your cards will be reverted to a more fair level for the Queen. (so you don’t get level 6 cards up against a low leveled Queen with weaker cards.)

A lot of things in this can change, but it’s an idea I’ve had for quite some time now and I’d like to see what you all think. I know this may set people off (TL:DR) but going into it, it makes Horde more skill based seeing as your actually VS a real person and you have to think of ways to counter act their moves and card set to make it through. Making Horde more “Think-based”, and not High leveled cards on low difficulty Queens.

Hope you guys enjoy this and I’m honestly hoping for TC to reply to something like this. Weather it’s good or bad, just knowing they still have plans for Horde is something I care deeply about. Please don’t be toxic over this, thank you.


In answer to thread title Yes and also Survival 2.0*, sorry I have not read your post, I will.

*it goes without saying we need a vastly increased rosta of enemy type.


More enemies will make it seem less repetitive as it is of now.

Yes, OverRun is one of the best Versus mode and should return for Gears of War 5.

Yep, that was my main concern and probably why there was no Beast 2.0. I really miss the diversity of the Locust.


Overrun 2.0 - yes, most definitely.

Beast Mode 2.0 - I’m indifferent to it but if everyone liked it back then, I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t in Gears 5, so yes for this as well.

There needs to be more variants of horde, ESPECIALLY p2p horde which can be more fun than playing against bots repetitively. Seems like the only horde differentials in 4 is the difficulty itself, and the horde events you have to push out every 2 weeks which isn’t still enough variety imo.


I personally really enjoyed Overrun, although it was always very laggy at times. It’s different which makes it a good one for me. Being able to play as different Swarm/Locust beasts would add alot of variety but harder to balance. I guess this would be a social mode rather than competitive.

Beast Mode would also be excellent. Again, more variety would be good. More enemy types, more waves, or perhaps even throw in some different objectives?

I’d suggest things like Capture The Leader where you work with a small team to capture a designated target on a campaign based map and take them to a designated evac point while fighting off the enemy, just as an example.

they should bring back a Horde classic with no fortifications against the original enemies from GOW2

Na they shouldn’t they should improve it with each game, you want that go play gears 2

30fps sucks man

Everyone ! Overrun is still alive. We have an active ranked community of strictly overrun !! We play every night. Sometimes all day on the weekends. The big fish of overrun come to play on Friday nights and weekends. If any of you want to join our community. Search for " overrun" in the club searches. Or add me on xbox. We have facebook group chats to lobby up easier. We are diehard overrun fans ! And hope and pray they make a remastered version of overrun with new maps… the community needs it !

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