Overprice character half price for who knows how long

Griffion character was 14.99 now 8.24 grab one before he goes back to his outrage’us 14.99 price…

That’s still too expensive for one character. Especially for a game this old. They should lower the price down to $3.99.

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I’d be surprised if anyone spends money on Griffin (or any other content) at this stage even for half price. GOW5 is apparently coming out on 10 September (not officially confirmed, but this is the date that is being banded around). The servers are alot less active and some game modes are close to ghost town status.

They could dangle the “Take to Gears 5 as well” carrot I suppose. I have him but don’t tend to use him, great character though. In fact I have around 90% of all characters but tend to stick to:
BS Sam
BS Queen

Why would you buy him now anyways? The game is dead and in a few months, Gears 5 will be out.

Some people might be late to the party and fancy having him. As for gaming being dead. Agree many modes are but TDM/KOTH are totally not dead.
I’m only Gold (going 3-1 and back daily it seems) but loads of players on. Played 3 games yesterday around 11:00am UK, found matches pretty quick (2-6 mins) we did have a mix of ranks though, I will give you that. Mainly Onyx with 1 Diamond player and a few Bronzes.

I like the visual design of Griffin, but just can’t stand his voice and dialogue lines. He sounds really whiny. I’m not an Ice-T fan so that probably contributes to it.

Also in GOW3, I don’t think Griffin was presented in a remotely positive way which spoilt the character for me. He was just an angry and whiny kinda guy. It felt like a wasted opportunity. We all know about the HOD strikes which obliterated cities and screwed alot of civilians over. Griffin has every reason to be angry and hate the COG, but I think the way the GOW3 campaign was delivered didn’t bring this message across well. I think with a voice like Ice T it was always going to fail to get this message across. A deeper and gruffer voice would have worked much better.

Totally see your point of view. Hopefully 5 will not continue the “music stars” characters. I did buy the pack in 4 but, it was half price and I like the weapon skins. In nearly 3000 games I may and I repeat may have used Mike twice, on Horde.

$8 isn’t much but this late in the game, I don’t know why anybody would buy skins. If that leak is right, we have four months until 5 comes out but I don’t know if we can believe that leak for that cover art and release date.

Don’t say the “L” word Tony! It gets people into trouble!

Instead say “I gotta take a piss”.


He was easily obtained by completing a challenge for free.

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Yeah but not everyone got it at the time though. You should’ve seen the excuses at the time! It was all “I was too busy because… I have a job / I have kids / I was on holiday / I have a very busy love life!”

I got it back then but have only used Griffin maybe twice in Horde.

Lmao why do I have a feeling I know where that quote was from?

I wouldn’t get him for free…which I did with the challenge but still…I didn’t enjoy it. Can’t stand the character at all, hopefully he returns in Gears 5 so Marcus can finish what he started.

I unlocked Griffin from playing the game awhile back but have yet to use him.

Played against someone using El-P last night and thought, I bet even the real El-P plays as Killer Mike or Ice-T.

Sale appears to have ended,better luck next time…