Overpowered lancers

I have been playing the gears series since the beginning and I may not be a pro but I’m not a bot either. I have enjoyed all of the gears except judgement which I wouldn’t say counted anyways. The biggest issue for me with gears 5 tech test so far is how strong the lancers are and a lot of the ranged rifles. There hasn’t been one game that I haven’t had to avoid pushing in to just sit back and be lancered. It seems like it takes away from the overall satisfaction of gnasher battles and winning those 1v2 or 1v3 situations with gnashers. Anyone can sit behind a wall and spray a lancer is which is why it bothers me so much. The maps are great so far but training grounds is a perfect example of why the lancers need to be nurfed. The map is basically an open sight line to every area leaving you exposed whenever you try to get into a gnahser battle. I really hope that they will look at this thread and not see it as a negative but that the community wants gnahser battles to be a bigger focus and if we wanted to spray and pray we would play Call of duty. Besides the lancer issue I and my friends are having a lot of fun playing the tech test.

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