Overkill much damage

this weapon every time you touch the map called “training grounds” people take advantage and always use it, it is very easy to kill with that weapon since two hits or one with active reload kills you, in my opinion they should lower the damage or simply remove it.

You can take advantage of it too…

Boomshot and dropshot kills you also with one hit but that doesn’t mean they should remove it…


but these weapons are explosive and do not have as fast a fire nor as many bullets

when a weapon is broken you have to adjust the damage, it is not about who has the advantage if my team or the other, it is something that is failed from the game and must be solved.

for that rule, in op 1 when the melee knife was chasing you to attack you, when the lancer had so much damage and more aspects that had already been resolved, they shouldn’t have done it, because you could also melee like that and you had the unbalanced lancer right? that doesn’t work like that.

Simple, dont let them get close enough so they can kill u.

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I have learned a lesson, when a weapon is broken do not complain, just do not go near them to kill you,

I don’t understand why they fixed anything in operation 1 then.

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It’s a pickup only weapon so it’s strength should be apparent however just respect it enough to get to a distance where the user can’t 1-clip you

You’re comparing load-out weapons with placement weapons. Strategy-wise, there’s such a thing as fighting for power weapons. And, if it’s a dual spawn weapon, you have Overkill for free.

You can also fight for a placement weapon just to get it off the map. If I’m bad with a weapon (torque) but don’t want the enemy to get it, I’ll go get the weapon, then backpack it so it won’t respawn and I’ll have my teammates keep feeding me lancer ammo.

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It’s called the “overkill” for a reason


Im still waiting to see if they’ll add weapons to the loadout system…

I wish they’d add the hammerburst but I don’t see the retro coming back

When I play barely anyone goes for the overkill and I end up with unimpeded access to it. Yeah, I do feel like it’s a bit overpowered, but for some reason no one wants to use it except me, at least in my experience.

Because it’s so OP a lot of people feel cheap using it. It’s a noob weapon. Even in Gears 4, nobody at higher levels ever picked up the Overkill.

No they shouldn’t. They already fixed it by removing it from the smoke/flash spawn. Now there’s only one on the map that has reduced ammo. That’s like saying the Longshot needs a damage reduction because it can kill you with one headshot. It’s a shotgun. Its supposed to be lethal.

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If they bring those two back, people will whine and demand they be removed

I guess so, but I don’t think there would be much complaining if it was just the hammy

People complained about the retro before?

I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic but yeah in gears 3 it was a beautiful counter to the shotguns

No, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I was just never here when gears 3 existed.

It was definitely a range keeping gun, the sawed-off surprisingly was the alternative shotgun and it wasn’t that bad, it was just hard to use with only one shot available before reloading.

I wasn’t on the forums on 3 either but I got more than a few death threats for using the retro more than the gnasher. So I imagine people complained about it

overkill is fine

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