Overkill bug in Horde for ammo pickup

Can we get the bugged fixed in Horde where it sometimes wont let you pick up ammo from an ammo crate as the wave is ending if you are holding an overkill. Its highly annoying to try and grab ammo b4 it is wiped and you cant grab it. And then firing off and wasting an overkill round on top.of that.

If you are basically full and haven’t reloaded, it won’t allow you to pick up like 3 rounds.

Not sure if that is what you are experiencing.

Hey bud,

I believe he is referring to the two shot gun issue. If you shoot and the first round goes but not the second you cannnot pick up an ammo box.

Also it’s not a bug, just really bad timing.

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@Slipping_Flames @Hu1k_Daddy my issue is this…as the wave is ending…music is playing…i try to pick up ammo…however it wont let me. Its not an issue of me being almost full…and not reloading…it will happen if I have 9 bullets in the gun. It only happens with the overkill. And as soon as the next wave starts…and everything is “active” …it will fire off a round as well. Even though im not pulling the trigger. And it happens when the overkill is the only shotgun im holding… maybe it what you are talking about Hulk daddy. Can you be a little more specific?

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Yes sir.

The overkill is a 4 round shot gun that shoots is a two round burst. So effectively 8 shots out of four rounds.

Due to this if you shoot and only one of the two shots go out then the gun will go to the hold fire. Which is where you pull and hold the trigger for only one round burst.

So if you shoot and the round stops. Then it’s really just bad timing, because as you stated. It will fire at the beginning of the nest wave.

Make since?

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@Hu1k_Daddy. Total sense…Basically the wave ended and its only 1/2 fired…thanks for explaining. Much obliged…

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