Overflow Stars after General

After reaching General I don’t believe the stars go towards anything, Upon reaching General week 11 out of 16 my stars I earned from medals or objectives just seem to be irrelevant. So maybe add an overflow system that stars after General could go toward something so you have an incentive to keep earning them after maxing out. Just an idea I think would be nice.


Somebody suggested in the past to have the excess of stars convert to xp. Doubt they’ll do anything concerning the excess stars though.


Oh ok didn’t know, would be nice though.

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Maybe share them with a friend

Or it could be like Mario party where you can steal peoples stars.

If you beat a general in versus you get one of their excess stars.


Yeah that would make things interesting! Some cool spin like that would definitely make use of those extra earnes stars

I was being a bit tongue in cheek, but it is a possible option.

Though I would rather just excess stars turn into XP, that way it rewards the person doing objectives after general and helps those chasing xp.


I understand, definitely thought it would be a cool idea to convert to XP. Would keep you playing and looking forward to completing objectives after reaching General

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I’ve stockpiled three 3-star objectives (6 a piece with new boost rules = 18 stars) and not playing Versus until Operation 2 launches. I have two ‘Win a match on …’ and one ‘Capture 7 hills’. I’ll fly up through the first couple of rankings in a handful of games!

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Scrap would be nice, i made general in 5 weeks so as a result i’ve had a ton of objective stars for nothing.


I would prefer the XP was related to players’ level. So if someone was over Re-up 20+, the XP from stars have to be just as relevant as they are for lower Re-upped players. Otherwise, there’d be almost no point in going after them.

I can’t imagine that would ever happen though, you don’t get any kind of xp bonus from being higher reups.

The new tour will come with new challenges my friend, those “stockpiled” challenges will not count in T2, you will roll 3 random new ones from the new pool after the update

Have TC confirmed that? I hadn’t seen anything along those lines.

I’d understand if TC added some new ones to feature new maps and characters, but I figure that they would reuse the existing ones too.

I think he meant that stars converted to XP should be proportional to your Re-Up level. So instead of just giving a flat like 100 XP per excess star (which is negligible to a high Re-Up), make it a flat % so it scales up with you.

Which is a good idea imo, hopefully they’ll do something like this. I haven’t done a daily objective on purpose in a couple months lol.

It’s possible some existing ones will get used yes but in game programming it’s easier to re-dish all fresh challenges to players than to write a bunch of code that would check which challenges you have active, whether it’s in the new pool of challenges, then to only dish out new challenges to the slots where old one are no longer valid etc, a major waste of time and resources that would be for something that’s only going to execute once.

No TC haven’t specifically stated the old challenges still active won’t count towards the new tour but to me it would be crazy to expect them too

I know what he meant, I just disagree on it,

The excess stars currently do nothing, so having them do something I think is reasonable. I think we agree on that point.

All re-ups are is meeting a certain amount of xp, that gets progressively longer to achieve. Giving extra xp for a challenge because you have more xp than someone else doesn’t make sense to me. Just the same as giving people extra xp for having lower reups wouldn’t make sense either.


Or can have every 5 stars = A Supply Drop or something like that.


I also like that idea.

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Or, a special reward for getting X amount of stars that surpasses the TOD, like one final goal that only 5% of players might achieve. Like a Phantom weapon set or 1000 iron or something special.