Overclocked Locker only speeding up that gym sock smell?

I’m thinking Mechanic’s Overclocked Locker card stinks. Its 27% effect is barely noticeable, especially compared to Robotics Expert’s Global Overclock 55%, and it has the additional ding of only working for lockers the Mechanic builds. I’m OK with that limitation since >= 50% of Masters/Inconceivable players seem to get the meta of “if there’s an engineer, let him/her build”, but I’ve never understood why the card is so clearly worse than RE’s (make it purple instead of blue if that’s really the issue).

Yes, the speedup is nice in early game while everyone is sharing locker space. But it’s not as if I’ve ever been complimented or complimented someone else on it. And we’ve all completed plenty of engineer-less runs to know that it’s far from critical. For a Mech with Efficient Fabrication (mandatory card), you can just buy more lockers without much delay or fuss, letting player rotate more weapons to make up for the slightly worse per-slot refill. So I’d rather bring a better card as my 5th.

I might even suggest not bringing Global Overclock for RE since similar (but weaker) arguments apply. However, I’d be doing that purely rhetorically, as I’m not convinced there’s clearly better cards for it. So I’ll personally keep bringing it.

But make the case to me why you as a locker-consuming class or engineer think overclocking is consistently worth the slot despite this funky locker room odor.

Robotic Expert over all.
Demo is the most ammo hungry class. A good demo can make a standard locker work but with randoms the 27-55% will be quite helpful for security.

I assume it’s most likely to balance the classes. The RE Overclock is faster but you don’t get Stim healing or extra fortification discounts - vice versa. Too much of one thing or the other would be deemed as “OP” and subject to nerfing into the ground.


I’ve literally played with you multiple times. I’m aware you can do a lockerless demolitions run BUT I wouldn’t be lying If I were to say majority Demolitions you run into are not going to play like this

Obviously it can be done, Its just less effective and requires you to utilize your ammo more.
I legit just did a 50 wave where I wasn’t given a Lv4 Locker till like Wave 30 lol


Sad but true. People just don’t want to look at what other options they have. Especially if they’re more optimal in some cases. Ex. Daily Challenges.

There’s this saying I’ve heard; “Always going back to that vanilla.”

By the way, here’s my card set up if you’re curious;

  • Officer’s Prerogative
  • Custom Lancer GL
  • Spotter Support
  • Razor Hail
  • Bullet Boost

I might bring it with RE simply because I don’t see any other particularly useful cards to bring into the fight with it. MAYBE the one that gives you the ult back faster with precision rifle hits, but I personally tend to reserve the DR-1 for emergencies anyway, so don’t use it often. And it kind of helps with how absurdly slow the level 1/2 lockers are, and to a limited degree even the level 3 if you play Pilot and make frequent usage of the Dropshot*.

Never really understood why the global card was more powerful than the Mech’s where it has to build/upgrade the locker for it to apply, though. Kind of doesn’t seem logical to me. Fort health stuff, I don’t think necessarily applies, seeing how it only makes a significant difference to stray Boomshots or frags, or level 3/4 barriers, while RE gets free repairs with any precision weapon kill, and lockers are not a thing that tends to or should be getting shot at much. Excluding those stupid maps where it is impossible to find them a safe spot without them being all the way at the far back.

*Reminds me how as a Heavy in Gears 4 all I would ever need, if I used a Drop centric setup, was a level 2 locker, since I actually had enough ammo to not run back and forth every 30 seconds for a new weapon, and it didn’t take an entire wave for one round to be back in it without Overclock. But you know, ammo scarcity to the point of being an annoying micromanagement “feature” is apparently considered ‘skill’ in Gears now.

Iirc someone have tested, Mech and Robo locker cards’ description are all boasting, their effective boost is only roughly half

But I will also carry locker card unless there’re two engs (Mech and RE only), here’s my set:

Mech: Armor Plating, Efficient Fabrication, Overclocked Locker, Overload, Reinforced Fabrication

RE: Bloody DR1, Precision Repair, Combat Engineer, Experimental Weapons, Global Overlock

I have tested both Locker cards (mine are both level 6 to clarify), and it’s wrong, but depending on perspective, it’s either better or worse than stated.

  • If 100% faster = instantly refilling a weapon: it’s worse at ~22% (for Mechanic), & 35% (for Robotics Expert)

  • If 100% faster = half the rate: it’s better at ~44% (for Mechanic), & 70% (for Robotics Expert).

Contrary to some people’s belief, both cards do synergise together due to Robotic’s card being a global card (the card just can’t stack with multiple RE’s), so, while overkill, could be worth it in a few scenarios where both Mechanic & Robotic’s Expert utilise their Locker cards, making Lockers either 53.5% faster, or 114% faster respectively.

The only main benefit I can come up with that Mechanic has over RE, is that once the Mechanic builds it (or upgrades it & no one else does), it’s permanent. The Robotics Experts: If they leave the game, the effect is lost + if they die, it loses the effect till revived.


I always think their locker speed is slower than which claimed, I used to play RE with a friend, who was a demo shooting boomshot a bit more usual, and he even asked me if my card is maxed…

Mech’s build and upgrade is permanent, but only his can, which is important with randoms (they may buy on their own lol). RE’s Global Locker, Precision Repair and Global Sentries are more suitable for this (altough I won’t carry the last one unless with Mech, sentries is really expensive for RE, even without Power Drain tag)

BtW: Although RE and Architect has been stronger since many updates and can be solo eng, I still think they are “assisted eng” in some ways, for example, no more building discount, under Power Drain tag you must put all energy in building, more specifically, barriers, only mech can buy more sentries

I knew I didn’t follow TC math (or maths for your Brits), but I’m stumbling with this one. :slight_smile: I do find it fun imagining an instant reload locker, though.

Anyway, assuming the numbers in this previous post are still correct:

then I guess I’ll start with a default Level 4 locker reload speed measured as 1 full reload per 60 seconds. Doubling the speed (a.k.a. rate) means either 2 full reloads in that same time or, more sensibly, 1 full reload in half that time (30 seconds). Doubling should (?) also mean 100% faster, and we’d presumably calculate it as 60 / (1 + percent), or 60 / (1 + 1.0) = 30.

So if that’s all accurate, then it seems like 27% faster could = 60 / (1 + 0.27) = ~47 seconds, and 55% faster = 60 / (1 + 0.55) = ~38 seconds to refill an empty weapon. Are those the times you measured? If I follow your “100% = half the rate” statement, you’d be indicating you actually measured it as 60 / (1 + 0.44) = ~41.6 seconds and 60 / (1 + 0.70) = ~35 seconds?

There are certainly other ways to calculate “x% percent faster”. I could also believe the game is using some different base, such as an L1 locker, and adding these percentages along with L4 locker boosts differently than my above attempted calculations (it seems to do things like that for bleed damage and Efficient Fortification cost under the Ultra Power Drain modification).

I’d never actually noticed that (I’m guessing because an engineer in base outright dying tends to be fairly rare?), but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at this silliness.

There’s only 3 Classes where i personally notice a Difference when a Mechanic (or RE) is using Overclock. And that’s Pilot,Torque-bow Gunner and Demo. To me the 27% or 55% seems to be pretty much the same Speed.

With Overclock i’m good with 3 Dropshot’s as Pilot which is perfect because it allows me to use 2 Boomshots as Secondary Weapon - without it i need 4 Dropshots so there is no Room for a backup Boomshot. Doesn’t matter if Mechanic or RE is Engineer.

As Torque Bow Gunner i just need 3 Torque Bows with Overclock (also gives me room for 2 Booms)

And the Demo? That Class can always use faster Lockers because it’s terrible at being efficent with Ammo and someone thought it was good to take away Capacity.

I can live without Overclock on Demo but it does come in handy when your Teammates need a carry.

Other Classes don’t need Overclock IMO.

I did some of my own locker testing and found some interesting things I hadn’t expected or seen mentioned.

In current Horde tuning, all weapons do not reload equally quickly. The vast majority do (at least within a fudge factor in my imprecise testing & limited number of samples), but:

  • Hammerbursts at least seem to fill almost imperceptably (~1%) more slowly. It only amounts to a couple seconds, but it did seem repeatable.
  • Trishots and Salvos fill a bit more slowly than that, about 2% and 4% of “standard”, respectively.
  • Plain Lancers (both the player ones and picked up Cyclops/Palace Guard ones that are treated as a separate type in certain ways) strangely fill over 39% more slowly. Perhaps tuned that way due to their comparatively large capacity?
  • Escape From Kadar’s Pipes are likely more than 60% slower than the standard regeneration rate. I didn’t run too many tests on it, though, since like Breaker Maces, you can’t completely empty them without losing them, and refilling (abundant) Pipes isn’t particularly interesting anyway.
  • On the opposite side of the speed spectrum, Scorchers are fast and take only about 68.5% the standard time to fill.

Contrary to other’s previous guidance, in current tuning the Lancer GL does seem to load at the “standard” rate, and both bullets and grenades/rockets fill at that pace. But of course we still have the Lancer GL bug where the third grenade/rocket will never refill unless you put it on the locker with an active reload still in effect and at least one grenade/rocket left AFAIK.

Regarding the effect of the engineer cards, I only have & tested at Level 6. It seems like the Mechanic’s Overclocked Locker makes refills take about 78.5% as long as the unboosted time (the ~22% Adsta14007 mentioned?). Robotics Expert’s Global Overclock refills take about 64.5% of the unboosted time (the ~35%?). I didn’t test stacking the two. These ratios seem relatively consistent across locker levels and weapon types, so I really don’t understand the “27% faster” and “55% faster” card description claims.

As for what it means in terms of actual times, there’s a large table below but the unboosted “standard weapon” time to go from completely empty to completely full turns out to be easy to remember: 5 minutes for a level 1 locker, 4 minutes for L2, 3 for L3, and 2 for L4, regardless of difficulty setting or current locker health.

As noted earlier, remember that Gears seems to treat ammo as a percentage, so whatever “full” means for the weapon and your ammo current capacity with it, that’s however many shots are meant. Picking up or trading weapons can exploit this, and it’s especially easy to use this to your advantage with lockers if you’re a class that can perk Ammo Capacity (temporarily put your weapons on a locker, then perk, then immediately grab your weapons again and you’ll find that you’ve instantly gained more ammo even without the locker refilling anything yet-- same percentage of a higher limit).

But note that it does seem to clamp to whole integer ammo counts whenever you remove a weapon from the locker. Even if you leave it long enough to have gotten 99% of the way to the next round, taking the weapon too early won’t let you secretly carry around a fractional percentage of a regenerated round. Putting the weapon back immediately still requires you to go back to waiting the full duration to fill the next round.

Here’s the mixed measured/extrapolated table of approximate time to completely refill from 0 to 100% of weapon capacity:

Weapon Locker Level Unboosted Overclocked Locker Global Overclock
Scorcher Level 1 3 min 28 sec 2 min 43 sec 2 min 14 sec
(~68.5%) Level 2 2 min 46 sec 2 min 10 sec 1 min 47 sec
Level 3 2 min 5 sec 1 min 34 sec 1 min 20 sec
Level 4 1 min 25 sec 1 min 5 sec 0 min 54 sec
Standard Level 1 5 min 0 sec 3 min 57 sec 3 min 14 sec
Level 2 4 min 0 sec 3 min 10 sec 2 min 35 sec
Level 3 3 min 0 sec 2 min 22 sec 1 min 57 sec
Level 4 2 min 0 sec 1 min 35 sec 1 min 19 sec
Hammerburst Level 1 5 min 5 sec 4 min 0 sec 3 min 16 sec
(~101%) Level 2 4 min 4 sec 3 min 12 sec 2 min 38 sec
Level 3 3 min 3 sec 2 min 23 sec 1 min 58 sec
Level 4 2 min 2 sec 1 min 36 sec 1 min 19 sec
Trishot Level 1 5 min 7 sec 4 min 2 sec 3 min 18 sec
(~102%) Level 2 4 min 5 sec 3 min 12 sec 2 min 38 sec
Level 3 3 min 4 sec 2 min 24 sec 1 min 59 sec
Level 4 2 min 3 sec 1 min 36 sec 1 min 19 sec
Salvo Level 1 5 min 13 sec 4 min 7 sec 3 min 22 sec
(~104%) Level 2 4 min 11 sec 3 min 17 sec 2 min 42 sec
Level 3 3 min 7 sec 2 min 28 sec 2 min 1 sec
Level 4 2 min 5 sec 1 min 39 sec 1 min 21 sec
Lancer Level 1 6 min 59 sec 5 min 30 sec 4 min 31 sec
(~139%) Level 2 5 min 35 sec 4 min 24 sec 3 min 36 sec
Level 3 4 min 12 sec 3 min 18 sec 2 min 43 sec
Level 4 2 min 48 sec 2 min 12 sec 1 min 49 sec
Pipe Level 1 8 min 16 sec 6 min 30 sec 5 min 21 sec
(>160%) Level 2 6 min 37 sec 5 min 12 sec 4 min 16 sec
Level 3 4 min 58 sec 3 min 54 sec 3 min 12 sec
Level 4 3 min 18 sec 2 min 36 sec 2 min 8 sec

Use this how you wish.

To my own original line of questioning, the cards arguably lose value the higher the locker level, since they shave less and less real time comparatively. The amount of time that I think most lockers actually spend at levels 1-3 in normal games (except for things like Cryo Cannon-savers, or other one-off locker uses where reload speed isn’t really important) seems low. Given that Overclocked Locker is only saving 25 seconds for Level 4 lockers compared to what I (or heck, even Joe Randomclass) could build otherwise, my personal conclusion is that it’s indeed not worthwhile for me to bring as Mechanic compared to other cards it has.


Basing my response on our last community manager here:

This is regen rate of the ammo lockers based on one of the weapons magazine size. Apparently there’s different types with different regen rates. It’s apparently the “delay” in seconds it takes for one magazine to be fully loaded.

I’m assuming it decreases this delay by x% if you’re running the locker cards. These delays are hardcoded depending on weapon type and hence probably that’s why it’s not quite “working as intended” in a way, especially for weapons that do not have magazines because those delays might all be different.

To put it differently, I’m assuming the weapons have a regular ammo regen rate assigned to them. The lockers however put another delay on top of it and only that delay is changed, not the actual standard ammo regen of the weapon.

Looking at your “Standard” list, it still doesn’t make any sense to me though…

EDIT: Looks like Global Overlock is an improvement of exactly 6/17 (or just divide the base by 17 and multiply by 11, always worked out for me with the couple example numbers @IllOmen provided).

I’m unsure of a relationship to a magazine/clip. In the current tuning, it would seem odd for them to have bothered to set a 3-clip-1-shot-each Boomshot to “100 seconds per clip” or “0.6 clips per minute” for a level 1 unboosted locker, and a different “50 seconds per clip”/“1.2 clips per minute” for 6-clip-10-shots-each Markzas. It seems simpler and therefore presumably more likely to me that they calculate it as “0-100% capacity in 5 minutes”.

Also, I observed that Buzzkills, the only heavy weapons with multiple clips, appeared to follow the same 0-100% capacity measurement as zero/single magazine Cryo Cannons and standard weapons with multiple clips.

But I guess I can’t rule out a clip relation, either. It’s not entirely unbelievable that the reason for slight minor differences in some weapons is because they do involve magazine or total capacity ratios, and while the intent was to tune all their reloads to matching times, the calculations actually come out slightly off because of imprecision/rounding errors.

By “regular ammo regen rate” you mean some rate that is used for classes with ammo regen perks? Outside of Tactician ultimate and ammo boxes (which isn’t time oriented), I’m not aware of any other methods to regenerate ammo.

I do agree that the different weapons seem likely to have innate regeneration settings, since anecdotally I feel like my Brawlers can regenerate Scorcher ammo much faster than I can deplete it with only modest Ammo Regen perking and that aligns with the measured fast locker refill times.

I haven’t measured that, though. I don’t know if anyone else has yet (plus the above experiment shows that the numbers could easily have been tweaked if measured prior to the final game updates).