Overbouncing or Hyperbouncing wallbounce glitch needs to be addressed!

Controller glitch on wall bouncing needs to be fixed, and taken out of the game. There should be some sort of governor or timer till your next bounce. Amazing TC let’s glitches last this long after launch. With TC trying to over balance this game I dunno why this cheating over button press glitch is not patched /fixed yet.

Are you referring to hyperbouncing …?

Yea. “Hyperbouncing” Whatever you want to call it.

That would be more of an exploit than a glitch.

TC’s solution / answer to that was prolonging health regeneration when doing so.

IMO hyperbouncing is not that effective in gameplay.

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Hyperbouncing is a controller glitch being exploited and should be Fixed and debugged for normal gameplay. Or leave it in player matches you can cheat there all you want. It has no place in ranked.

An that’s not the first time TC’s solutions make no sense what so ever. Trying to down play something they don’t want to do anything about. It is affective to the point of cheating, and should be fixed immediately!

hahaha, it’s people like that who are the reason why movement in G5 just sukcs, compared to something like GoW3 or GoW4… It used to be like being on ice stakes, now it’s like running through ankle deep mud…

Because people ■■■■■■■ and complained about “hyper bouncing”…

Who cares… Chainsaw them… works very well…


I totally agree

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Chainsaw and Sawn-off were very good counters to hyperbouncers back in Gears 3

You kill the Gnasher or wallbouncing (movement) in Gears and we might as well play another game.

It’s crazy how trash movement feels in Gears 5, exactlyike you described it

Learn to play the game then come have a discussion.

Actually old school gears 1 and slightly 2 was always a heavy clunky game . Although i dont mind hyper bouncing and all that gears was an originally chunky and heavy game which felt like it had loads of weight to it . nowadays eveyone is skating around and the charecters lost their weighty feel!