Overbearing Horde Engineers

Yeah I play random Custom games. Have had a pretty good experience the last few games I played.

I usually only encounter bad team mates on advanced and below. In my experience I have the most trouble getting a new character to lvl 10-12ish. After that and I start queing for insane+ that sort of thins out the herd.

I have yet to try playing on Insane because I only tend to play games on harder difficulties if/when I really enjoy them. And I CAN’T STAND Execution Rules.

I’m just curious what’s everyone’s opinions on the character’s ULTs?

Some I feel are just lazy/boring.

for the most part imo they are useless only one viable is JD ofcourse cause it’s an instant kill if you have the bleed cards but everyone else I barely use them on other characters

Kait is dumb she can only stay in that form executing the minute you shoot your gun it’s gone

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I thought I would like Marcus’s ULT because it’s pretty cool in Overwatch but in Gears 5 it’s pretty boring, it’s too short, and I am guessing not that great against bosses.

random just means I don;t know the players. it is mostly custom, which in my experience, is were you get the most crazy engineers.

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Sentry engineers have always been annoying. A good team only needs a few and those should be located generally in a fall back defensive position in case things get messy or to indicate and prevent flanking. Sentry flash really compromises team ability to spot, headshot and be at their most effective. Shocks are much better in this respect. Barriers and lockers are priority. Razor wire is sufficient and over clock is handy particularly with less ammo available in this edition. Sentries are unecessary until wave 20 plus. Decoys are good. The main thing an engineer should do is build according to his team’s strengths. An extended barrier Base let’s the team take the fight to the enemy and have some fun. Build them a locker each and let them put it where they want; same with Jack and his forge. Gears 4 had a much better horde than this. You could express your individuality as the character and class you wanted. Who on earth wants to play horde as Sarah Connor? Gears 5 as a package is lacking in so many areas. The controller changes make zero sense and the new style grind is awful even though it aims to encourage players to diversify their play by competing in all modes. I can’t think of any reason to play escape. Beast in gears 3 was great and I would have loved to see it return particularly because matriarch could have been the new berserker. That was an opportunity missed. How TC ever believed that players would enjoy escape and it’s almost non existent ammo defies belief.


I just normally let the engineers do their job, and I focus on the strength of the character I play with.

I normally play horde with two other people, and we having horrible times, but it’s still fun, lol, because it’s friends I know.

Sometimes you just gotta keep on playing until you find like-minded people; they’ll eventually come. But, it does depend on your level of competitiveness.

The players that have a god complex, in horde, are the worse. You’ll never get no where in horde, especially on Incon and Master, without good/great teamwork.


Turrets are not available in Gears 5 :smile:

They were great fun in Gears 4 though… :slight_smile:


Once your lvled up it’s nice to do a masters run with a good group. Usually once you cleared a map on masters you unlock all the modifiers. Then when your lvling up again open a lobby on that map, turn on everything except double dmg and double health. Those 2 are the worst IMO. Makes lvling up faster. As for execution rules, some guns ignore them. Like the all mighty tri shot >.>

Some arent as good as others but I like them. Nice addition. Some of my favorites are Kaits cloak, Kats hologram, JDs artillery strike is OP, Marcu’s+Fahzs xray is nice.

fair point…updated

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it’s great waves 1 - 10 and I advance and lower difficulties but Elite and and up Marcus just isn’t that effective IMO
but I only got him at lvl 15

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Just gonna drop this here:

I once encountered a player calling himself (Hayblood) me and him joined a game of horde on avalanche(we where both engineers) and 1st thing he does is messages me to "don’t build stuff"funny thing is i still have his message from 12/18/2018,so i know what it’s like to encounter a so called gift from god engineer,i just can’t believe anybody should be allowed to dictate how anyone elses play this game.Yes i named this person but this is been nagging at me for along time,so i now have said my peace and am done with this jerk and his god complex,good riddance to bad rubbish.fin…


Welcome back Shino!

Gee i didn’t think anyone would even know i wasn’t here for awhile.

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You should absolutely be asking for other players to build stuff once your costs get too high, but non-engineers also shouldn’t just be building whatever they want (with some caveats).

If I start a game and after everyone deposits in the fabricator, the first thing Marcus does is build a barrier or a sentry or something, I am leaving that game. It’s a bad omen.

Within reason, yes, let people adjust fortifications. More importantly, perhaps just be cognizant of how everyone else is playing. If you’ve got JD covering a lane, maybe don’t stick a sentry directly in his line of sight.

Always let players place weapons lockers and forges wherever they want them. If I build a locker for a JD or something, the first thing I’ll say is just to move it wherever they want. Same goes for Jack and the Forge.

However, in turn, don’t muck around with my barriers please, and put them where you think they should go. And leave sentries alone unless they are obstructing you in some way. If you have a concern, say something.

Here’s a tip: If you’re looking for a custom lobby to join, don’t bother joining the ones with titles that run down a laundry list of what the host DOESN’T want, and exactly what they expect people to do.


You’re very likely going to get an unpleasant micromanager who will kick you for no reason. I once saw a room where the person was even demanding certain CARD LEVELS. And they were only playing on Elite difficulty!

I had a fairly unbelievable scenario the other day, where a JD joined an in-progress Inconceivable round I was hosting, and immediately proceeded to type in chat that if we listened to him and did as he said, we would get through it. I kicked him.

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From my experience. When you make a custom lobby with certain conditions, majority of players don’t read the title. They see difficulty, map, slot open and they join. The title takes too long to load in fully and finding a room gets annoying after a few attempts.

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