Overbearing Horde Engineers

I play a ton of random horde and am encountering more and more engineers with a GOD complex. I imagine these guys have jobs where they are bossed around all day and come to Gears for retribution. So, if you are an engineer, see the friendly tips below and have a better day!

  • Yes, you should build MOST of the fortifications, but not ALL because of the cost multipliers. Consider asking other players to build some level 1 barriers, lockers, turrets for you (instead of rage-quitting when somebody builds a locker on level 25).
  • No, there is not a reason that you decide EXACTLY where every fortification goes. Sometimes you put stuff in the line of sight of other players or otherwise affect their strategies. Let them do what they do and adjust positions of fortifications. They are the ones that have to kill things, after all.
    *Just because you should build most of the stuff does not grant you the exclusive right to decide what gets built. Ask your team what they need.
    *If I am Jack, I am your best friend. If you keep moving my forge, the one thing I need nearby so that I can make YOU money, you are out of control.

Optional Tip: when I play as engineer, to make it more fun for the players, I try to keep the sentries near the, back for defense. Nobody gets joy from sentries chewing through enemies, (except maybe the engineer), they want to kill stuff themselves.

P.S. all of the above is subject to time and condition. Yes, i understand that moving a fortification 2 inches on certain maps on high levels can make a difference…that is not what I am addressing.

Add more tips if you have’em!


Don’t play random. Pro tip.




Buy Turrets…FTW!

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Remember their is no flow chart for Horde. “Your way” doesn’t = everyone else’s way. If you like doing something different from the way someone else likes to do it…explain why you do it that way and have a good reason. If you don’t have a good reason and the other person does, change the way you do it…don’t be a stubborn dumb ■■■.


you mean angrily slashing people with your knife is not enough? (j/k)
This would solve a lot of problems. I wish more people utilized mic or chat.


Another reason why the energy you collect should not be tied to upgrading your character skills.

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The introduction of classes in 4…paved the way for horde to be more abysmal than ever…speedrunners, turrets ect…now nonsense heroes in 5…gears 3 had it right as far as base building went…if you could afford a silverback…happy days…the one thing tc did do really well…was create the selfish horde community you generally come across in most games.:roll_eyes:


Yeah not that I would use the Silverback all that much but at least it was a option in 3. In 5 you have to play a certain character? Do you have to unlock/buy Lizzie? Because that would make it even worse.

I mean, I would use a SB on occasion, or if other players lagged out/quit. It was a fun option at times.


As you know party…me n the chaps dont use silverback unless we’re going for score…but in 3 it was a fun option for pubs players…5 is the most restrictive of any horde…its poor in lots of ways…pretty much why i barely touch it now m8😁

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Even if you did unlock Lizzie and use her ult,(Sulverback) it causes all players to go back to the title screen. Annoying bug that isn’t fixed still lol.

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FYI: Do not spend the $5 TC is asking to unlock Lizzie.

The character is plagued by bugs (one of them fatal) and TC have not yet given a timeline for fixing them.

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Well to be honest I don’t plan on spending any real money for anything in this game. But I have 605 in Iron, but the funny thing is, while Baird is my favorite character to play in Horde, I’ll never play as Engineer, so it would be a complete waste for me to get him.

I don’t play PVP anymore in Gears unless someone sends me a invite, which hasn’t happened yet in 5.

Never play a horde without Voice Comms


Yeah from what I heard they are “passing it on to the team”, haha.

Meanwhile, you better believe that the store works with no problems.

I mean play all the time without a mic when I play with randoms searching customs and have had pretty good experiences the last couple of weeks considering.

Yeah I prefer to play as a character but some times, messing around or if there’s just two of us, I 'll use it on occasion for fun.

But like I said before, at least we had the option to use such a powerful weapon during Horde.

I mean, imagine if they come out with a character that has a Mortar or Hammer If Dawn ULT and they were the only ones that could use it?

The whole thing makes no sense. If you want to do a Hero system it has to be done from the beginning, not 5 games later after everyone is use to playing without it.

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Text chat is okay. Not everyone is a hearing person. Some on PC. Some listening to something or not feel like hearing a person talk or don’t want to talk to anyone. Keyboard exist.


That is the root of the problem. It may be annoying but try to join a custom lobby. I never play random anymore. Most people don’t stick around and if someone leaves no one else can join. Custom people tend to talk more, be more experienced, more open minded and if someone has to leave another can fill the slot. Most custom lobbies tend to build the forge first. If your a Jack player pretty much any lobby will welcome you lol

We don’t know if “random horde” means Custom Lobby to them.

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