Over a year old and leaderboards still broke 🤣

Never understood why it would be so hard to just give us the classic war journal… It worked properly! At this point just remove leaderboards from gears 5.
I play from Time to time every season I get master in FFA and just get off but I’d love to know where I’m ranked wins wise it’s never tracked and why did they remove top ranked tier leaderboards?? Gave masters a reason to keep playing now most including me just sit on it until the new season.


Because then you can see how worthless masters really is.

At least in PvE you get skins that are worthy & Grindy.

You’re rewarded for putting in time in PvE with some hard attainable skins.

PvP everyone who is a dedicated PvP player can hit masters.

Nothing to be proud of. Masters is generic.

If there was a leaderboard for it I’d guess over 3,000 masters.

Before was like 150-300 at most.

Tbh the Masters Skins are low-key generic too.


If I wanna do PVE I’ll play a game that’s made better for that… Gears 5 PVE isn’t fun horde isn’t as good as Gears 3 and escape is the same thing over and over again.