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Outriders - a mix of Gears, borderlands and destiny. What do you think about it?

Just recently has been revealed a next gen starting title Outsiders, from the creators of Gears of War Judgement, Gears PC port, Polish studio People Can Fly game. It’s a mix of Gears of War (cover based gameplay), Borderlands and Destiny.

Here is the commentary gameplay from IGN:

The game will be only PvE with Coop option, reasons of no PvP in game are presented in the clip i provided. What do you think about this game? I’m hoping its gonna be very good, as PCF are my countrymans.


They also did Painkiller, which was one of the greatest first person shooters ever IMO.

Just heads up, your title says Outsiders, not Outriders.


Loved Painkiller on PC!


This looks awesome, cutscenes look and feel more original gears than anything on 5. It just seems more intense, they should call it “gears effect”…

It looks a bit like The Division.

Wooo, PainKiller! Good old memories :frowning:
I had an old Intel Pentium 4 as a CPU back then :grin:


Me too! :sunglasses:

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Thanks did not noticed my bad, autocorrect is silly

And of course they made bulletstorm which was fun too.

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It’s not often I’m impressed by a game trailer but that looks really good. Fast paced action. Thanks for posting.

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Looks ok, one to keep an eye on.

For me, Gears and Destiny have lost their way. This could scratch that itch.

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Only watch a few minutes but would agree. Movement looked a lot like Division without the refinement around cover.

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Looks really good but too similar to Remnant from the ashes, too focused on loot ( which i don’t care at all) and animations are awful,
I loved Bulletstorm and I love Gears 5, but I’ll wait for more gameplay videos to decide , maybe they update the game in the coming months,

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Looks cool, but that running animation looks sluggish like Dark Souls 2 lol.

I might check it out.

Painkiller was excellent, as was the song Painkiller from Judas Priest :wink:

Outriders looks ok, it’s definitely on my watch list and a possible buy.


Another gameplay from Polish cd-action magazine: