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I’m curious if anyone knows if the ranking system used in gears takes into account when your teammates quit? Does anyone know everything they take into account when adding or subtracting our percentages in our ranks? I was gold tier two on KOTH and then I played a full 12 matches in a row where I had one or more teammates quit and we lost every match and even when I received MVP in those matches I didn’t gain any points. It just steadily kept going down and now I’m silver 3 again. I’m not trying to whine or complain just wondering how exactly it works.

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Yes, you lose less the earlier they leave.

And do you know if its possible to gain points even if you lose the match?

Okay great thank you!

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Only recognised if they quit before the next round begins.

If they quit in the final round, then no.

That makes sense. It doesn’t effect the outcome quite as much

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Calling BS on THIS statement. Many times I see: we win round 1. They win round 2. Teammate quits right at start of round 3. We are screwed. But quitting doesn’t affect rank because fighting the whole deciding round 4v5 “doesn’t affect the outcome quite as much,” eh?


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