Our considerations for the future

Now that 5 is done with, can we mention everything we look forward to seeing in the next game? Anything from characters to weapon tuning and maps. Im not a fan of the two shot down. I use it as often as possible because it’s easy to get the kill. For future PVP maps I’d like to continue the balance the most recent maps have given us but maybe fix weapon placements. The newer maps give us those cover fights we love, nothing worse than having a pvp match on pahanu because it’s way too big of a map and depending on weapon placements bunker is ridiculous. I’m not picky about characters but I don’t want to see anymore terminators. Everyone jumped on the skinny train and even when hitting them with bricks it seems harder to get the down then normal characters. Aim assist should be thrown out. I shouldn’t be getting hit by lancer bullets that I can see missing but I’m getting red or boltoks with aim assist. Land your shots or don’t but don’t make it an option for handicap. I also think ranked should be a little more balanced for new players and veterans. If I play a new guy and he can’t even get a kill or hasn’t learned to run or bounce they most likely won’t play it again so we lose potential lifers. Just a few things I’d like to see next game. Anything else?

I look forward to paragraphs in future posts.


better lancer accuracy, higher dbno damage, better offline accessability, etc.

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