Ouch 46th most played on Xbox

Pretty sure that’s below 5k or close to it considering ufc 3 shows player count and it usually rotates with gears for spots
I’m glad I quit this game months ago it’s one of the worst games ever made.
The developers do not care about any of us


It is crap compared to past gears games but i still have like a tiny bit of faith in the developers to fix the game


Too bad you haven’t found any other hobbies in the meantime besides cluttering the forum with redundant, unoriginal threads. Maybe try knitting?


Gears of war 2 needs remaster surley they cant make it worse


First post in months and did my post offend you? And I have plenty of hobbies lol.

Yes. I am offended. Please advise.

Dont be offended

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It’s not a voluntary response.

You’d be surprised man
I want better developers not ones that charge people for old character skins and litterally ruin everything that was good about Gears especially considering how many new maps gears has gotten since release and don’t let me forget about that broke ranking system.



Oh man, get this guy a trophy.

If you knew anything about making video games you would understand how absolutely absurd this statement is. I’ll be the first to say the mulitplayer in Gears 5 has had many issues, but you can’t make such a blanket statement.

Here we go again… It’s as if you think TC went into the code for Gears 3 and Ctrl-C’ed/Ctrl-V’ed the old skins into Gears 5. Here’s a fun fact that your probably too ignorant to appreciate or accept, every single skin in Gear 5 even the ones which are identical to Gears 4 have been rebuilt from the ground up. Many of which have received an overhaul with an all new toolset/engine that makes materials behave realistically.

Here’s my impression of you…
“I haven’t touched this game or followed any news regarding it in months. Despite the fact that I have no idea what TC is working on, even the stuff they have announced, I am going to simply claim that they don’t care about their product or players. In addition to this, I know nothing about the basics of making a video game, yet I will critique the most basic elements of a game without appreciating the extensive lengths TC has went through to try to rebuild this game. It’s more fun being angry than seeing the world for what it is and being happy”

Nobody is obligated to like this game. TC has made a handful of design choices that leave some of us scratching our heads. However this narrative that so many of this community has that they are inept, or unable to make a video game is simply absurd. Don’t like the speed in which characters and maps are rolling out? That is a great and warranted critique. Don’t like the new Hero system for Horde, or the overhaul of the shooting mechanics and enemy damage? Also, totally fine, and justified. Flat out saying TC doesn’t care and this is the 'worst game ever made"? what a flipping joke. Grow up.


Ok not the worst game ever but it is the worst gears game ever judgement lasted longer and was actually more enjoyable overrun was amazing

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“I don’t like game therefore it’s dead”

Can this meme logic end?

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Its dying not completely dead
Its not really got a big player base has it im always recognising gamertags cos ive played with them before. Im always vsing a lot of players i have previously played with a few days ago

Anecdotal, I hardly have that issue at all. It also includes who you decide to connect to regionally that affects your matchmaking as well.
But it doesn’t do either of us any good cuz this will just go back and forth.

I will say that I think Gears naturally goes to that state after the campaigns are done, that’s the main draw of the games after all.
Versus mode, while it has a cult following, it’s had an awful time throughout the series of trying to get new players in. It’s always a sweatfest with a steep learning curve that eats noobs alive, even with Gears 3, Judgment and even 5 at launch.
That alone makes Gears super niche for a AAA title, and it honestly surprises me that people keep banging this drum about the game “dying” when people struggle to get into the series to begin with. That’s a big dilemma with the series right now, we want it to grow but as it stands it does not welcome many new players to the fold.
I think Gears would have “died harder” if it weren’t for Horde mode, I know I wouldn’t have stuck around much without it.

I wish we had numbers like in Gears 3 and Judgment to gauge active players in playlists so there wouldn’t be infighting like this.


Hi there, we already have threads on player counts, please join those discussions :slight_smile: