Other maps like Boxes

Inside the church on Mercy. Make the side entrances a tad bigger, that’s where players spawn. Close the Gate, and remove grenade spawns.

One side stairs of Blood Drive, both mid and top level. Stairs leading to bottom will be blocked off, spawn area is blocked off, and half of the grenade area is blocked off. One team spawns up top near the normal spawn, one spawns low near grenades. It rotates after each round.

Bottom section of Foundation, where frags and the 4 pillars are. Block off openings to Boom and Tbow, add a short 1x1 block in front of Tbow steps, remove grenades, and have teams spawn on mid level with a wall behind them blocking spawn areas of the map.

From Library, a Judgment map, this is just the block of the the book stacks to the one side of the map, where the ammo box would spawn. One team spawns on either side with their back to the enemy and the stacks behind them.


Realistically, I definitely dont see that happening. But others seems interesting for sure, particularly mercy as I can vividly imagine a sweat fest inside the church.

Also in case you didnt see Octus response about more 2v2 maps… though I definitely like to see more.

Did not see, I just felt like posting this. It’s whatever at this point, but if they plan to support 2v2 then we will need at least 2 more maps IMO, at some point.

I agree, playing 1 map is going to lead to boredom eventually.

Good ideas. I’ll also add some options:

  • Avalanche under the Buzz/Trishot spawn
  • Security on the inside near button room (idk about this one lol)
  • Foundation midbox
  • Reclaimed barn
  • Raven down in the fountain spawn

I like those and the OP’s ideas (except for Reclaimed Barn, not feeling that one). Would make for some great rotating maps for 2v2 and freshen things up as I couldn’t imagine playing only Boxes for more than 30 minutes at a time.

I think Barn would be a good 2v2 map.

What about also…

Midbridge on Canals. This would be more of a 1v1 map though.

Literally just the warehouse area of Fuel Depot. No going outside.

Frag section of Old Town.