OSOK is Trash; Change my Mind

Normally i’d agree with this, seriously, 99% of the time I really would! But in this case, no, it’s NOT TC, it’s the players 100%! The only thing TC have done wrong with OSOK is allow Aim Assist in it to help hard aiming. The rest is players just being dim.

I’m actually sick of being told to adapt by people who i’m better than, ego? Yeah, so? I can and do support it. I don’t play OSOK to win, but when the other team wants to hard aim would you like to know what happens? I do it back, I MVP by a MILE, they all rage quit… “adapting” on Gears 5 for good players means taking steps backwards to show bad players how it’s done, most good players in public matches now are not playing to win, but are just trying to chill out. TC are partially to blame by adding challenges to the mode, other than that, it’s the player’s mindset of needing to win.

Why? Montagers used to play older Gears games in regular modes to get clips, however the players who tend to Lancer have DESTROYED the game now, enough to where content creation is almost at a standstill now, it’s pretty much killed the entire montaging community because playing against players like that is too boring for the community to put time into. OSOK is just a little something that’s only on rarely and for short periods of time where players can go in and have some fun, dedicating a mode to it isn’t dumb, players going into it and playing it like it’s GB is dumb.

Well done?

Honestly call it what you please, yes you shoot from the hip and I know that it’s called a hip fire when using a regular weapon without a scope on it, it’s always been referred to as a blindfire with Tbow or Longshot, so that’s what i’ll continue to call it.

I didn’t play them either, I started on Gears 2 however the community for it back then was big, big enough for there to be teams dedicated to doing just that. The active down was silly and there’s no denying that, however back then if you truly are an “old gen” then you’ll know that Gears has always had unwritten rules that players follow out of respect, not getting actives may have been 1 of them. It only seems to be the “new gen” players who can’t grasp that concept.

No. As much as I would like to see people in OSOK blindfiring, I do still accept it’s a sniper. LT should be possible without the full zoom scope. Aim Assist should be REMOVED so that the player actually has to look somewhere near the player’s head to actually land the shot.

The wall bouncing side of it, it’s very much a matter of opinion and even that’s divided amongst the remaining montagers, some hate it and some love it and that’s why I made no attempt to argue that in my replies. Personally I like it, whereas my friends who I play with often can’t stand it. That said though there should not be any barriers as you suggested, that’s silly, especially given how most wall bouncers in OSOK can’t even do it well, they’re not a problem.

NO! What is actually wrong with this community? It’s INSANE! Cool downs, delays… all these things are what’s literally destroyed Gears 5 at a base level, just stop, please!

I posted this thread on Twitter yesterday because I was just shaking my head so much, safe to say it got a fair few face palms.

This mode is just a little bit of fun and is pretty much all that’s left, please stop wrecking it…

So, everything you’re not good at is trash…
The reason it plays as it does, and is highly popular, is that there’s a lot of people who enjoy that. It takes a little maturity to accept that not everything is going to appeal to everyone. I love sniping and used to carry as sniper in horde. But, I don’t care for osok. Doesn’t mean it’s trash. The fact that you went out of your way to bash it just makes it seem like you’re frustrated because your did poorly in osok.

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Eh it’s fine. It’s not a serious mode anyway… I get people rush for the clips… but just try & snipe like you snipe… just get a beer & relax…

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you’re trying to escape the concept of “rules”
if there is none to prevent such behavior, why would people care about what YOU don’t like?
people wants complete freedom and this is the result

I’ve talked about game identity in my post, gears 5 has none because it’s failing at trying to make everyone happy, I’ll quote myself:

I’ve already told you, this is 2020 gears and good players will end up on top no matter what (or they will move on to something else)

Do I also end up on top of the scoreboard?yes
does it still frustrate me to die because a literal bot in ranked walked half screen killing me while not even aiming at my pawn?ALSO YES

that’s why I’m talking about frustration

hence my statement about this being developer’s fault
if you give aim assist to help noobs, what do you expect to happen if good players start using it?
single stick movement?
we can talk about this for days
I’ll still say that after bad development next in line to be blamed is the matchmaking:

  • bronze or placement matches against masters
  • smurfs
  • people reupping in horde allowed to go straight to ranked

I’m sorry but I fail to see the logic in this statement
if you want to chill, you shouldn’t be playing something called ‘versus’
you should ask for a gamemode without a scoreboard, chart, performance tracking and post-match win screen

Nice assumption but wrong. I do very well regardless of how the mode is played. Won my 10 matches easily I might add. Mode is still trash. But nice try bashing on my skills when you’ve never seen me play

You’re not fooling anyone. Just so you know.
You came on here and actually made a thread to rant about it. It’s pretty obvious why.

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Mode is awful and rounds take way too long.


Again you don’t know jack. The only obvious thing is many people support my opinion. Are they all trash too? Nobody knows unless you’ve actually played against them.

I personally like having real sniper battles and no wall bouncing up close with a long range weapon. If I wanna wall bounce that’s what my Gnasher is for. That is an opinion and how I like to play the game mode. Not everyone will like that which is what you said. Doesn’t automatically mean anything about my skill. Take your own advice and have some maturity in accepting I don’t like how the majority of people play this game mode and that it doesn’t appeal to them. Now piss off

You mean playing like this?

I had a lot of fun, FFA is the only good thing about gow5

Keep playing it then. But it’s called a community and people have opinions on how to change events. And me and many, with a team of 3+ enemies hugging you like Floyd Mayweather and just bouncing left and right at a shorter distance than the size of your longshot. It isn’t fun and never will be.

Maybe you didn’t get paired with the ding dong ditties like and a friend did over half the time, but it ruins any chance at fun with the mode when it turns into just pulling the rigger and hoping the game gives you the random hit or just standing there watching them bounce. And we would beat them most the time…literally it’s just 10 minutes of hoping the game gives us headshots though unless they roll then I could have a fair chance at hitting them out of the roll. I can play the game the proper way and have more fun. The idea is the mode is supposed to be fun, the entire team taking 30 seconds to kill the last player just wall bouncing around the entire time….tedious.

They can keep the same mechanics and just make it warzone rules and this problem truly goes down. Bunch of idiots getting to constantly spawn over and over just to be a body bag is the problem. Making them have only 1 life a round stops them after the first death and shortens the games in general.

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Don’t play it then.

This mode is SO RARE, the rest of the time we can’t be bothered with the rest of the garbage game that’s been wrecked to suit the needs of pub stars. The way it is now is fine! Literally every other mode is designed for players to sweat the win, just stop trying to wreck the 1 small thing that’s left and comes around once in a blue moon.

What you’re suggesting WOULD BE A CAMPFEST! The DBNO changes with damage is in as a result of players who share your mindset trying to do nothing more than down people and finish them on the floor, that’s not enjoyable.

i’m going to put this in capital letters just so it’s clear for you.


Blind firing is to hard for u? Aim at them and shoot

Can definitely tell that you’re here for polite discourse.

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When did I say to remove the reduced body damage? “I’m going to put this in capital letters just so it’s clear for you”

NOWHERE IN THAT DOES IT STATE GIVE ME DOWNS IN 2 SHOTS SO THEY CAN’T MOVE FROM COVER WITHOUT PENALTY. Warzone is a 1 life mode. 1 life means you only have to kill the facehuggers once and not deal with them the rest of the round. Which means if there is a player that wants to run into the opposing teams face, they can, but it comes at a greater risk than getting killed and coming back to do it again in 30 seconds.

When did I say it was about winning? I simply stated even after dealing with the in your face tactics, we could win and STILL not enjoy the mode as much as we do sniping 5v5…not hip firing until a headshot finally happens.

However, this one was about wins…because the devs tied a reward to it for winning. The mode wasn’t enjoyable when you have the try hards playing to win while down to individual lives and the enemy team is at 8 respawns left. Fun is more killing in less time.

Might I suggest taking time to read and be polite to your fellow gears. You are in a thread about how OSOK isn’t as enjoyable as people hoped…and you act surprised at the fact people start throwing hate at the mode. Notice the situation and use your head instead of lashing out at people who didn’t care for the mode you got your jollies from the past couple weeks. Provide constructive criticisms (which you had some) and reasoning for no changes and that is it. People listen more then than when you try to berate them and contradict yourself while doing so.

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I assumed you meant the health regeneration based on this, I misunderstood you. TDM is best for this mode though, you’re unhappy about long games, if you died first you’d be spectating for most of it and i’m certain you’d get more bored.

Not directly you, but this post is evidently about this, even if the OP has not directly said it, it’s blatent.

I misunderstood 1 single point.

Honestly I would continue on this thread but I have decided to make my own, it’s in relation to player’s mindsets and unwritten rules. Good luck with your thread, i’m focusing on the new 1 because I think that’s a bigger issue than OSOK alone.

Never commented about your skill, just made the observation that the mode clearly got a strong emotional response out of you. No surprise why. Not everyone can wallbounce. If you’re sensitive to people pointing things like this out, maybe don’t go off on big, cringey rants. You want to be able to be loud and call people dumb but you sure don’t like any of that coming back at you.

Yea I’m just messing around that ■■■■ is hard to do consistently

Lol go back and read your own comments. You’re clearly making assumptions of my performance in OSOK just because I decided to start a thread on the forums. You’re also assuming bc I don’t like wall bouncing in OSOK that I can’t do it. Wrong again. I’m no hyper bouncer but I can def hold my own. It just doesn’t belong in a sniper-based game mode imo.

You gonna reply with “you’re not fooling anyone” again? That was another stab at something you know nothing about. Criticize me once you see me play and sure I’ll take constructive criticism. Keep assuming though go ahead we all know where that leads. Ignorance is bliss I guess…

Someone can be skilled and still get spanked in OSOK. You seem to be really, like REALLY concerned and bothered by my opinion, as if I struck a nerve. So, of course that makes me confident in my assumption.

You’re going to repeat yourself and tell me you’re godly and you happened to type up a tilted rant after doing great in osok. I don’t believe that and I’m going to leave it at that.

Not so much as your opinion it’s your sheer ignorance. You don’t know anything about me or my skill in the game so assume all you want you’re dead wrong. People can do great in OSOK and still call it trash. Again, ignorance is bliss.