OSOK is Trash; Change my Mind

Only if they’re not open minded enough sure. It also does invite discussion to attempt change in perspective. In this particular case, you’re right, my mind won’t be changed. Nothing about how OSOK is played currently,to me, is enjoyable.


Edit: In all seriousness though they could just bring back standard body shot damage for team OSOK to de-incentivize bouncing spam. I think that’s a good enough solution.

I think it did make more sense for the damage to be reduced in the FFA variant.

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Yeah it’s pretty bad. People just rush because they’re garbage at sniping so it turns into lets roll around each other until one of us gets a lucky shot or my buddy snipes you or my team spawns directly behind you. Not to mention I’ve had some of the worst hit detection in this game type. Apparently shots on the ground next to you = headshot. Had some enemies shrug off some straight up headshots though so that’s cool.

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I dislike the lack of being able to down somebody, but at the same time it makes 1v5 clutches easier.

I think the Gears 4 Bunny Hunt was my favorite all-snipers mode. Every OSOK or similar mode otherwise has ups and downs but I never really think of them as “Trash,” unless you’re speaking in hyperbole.

Time to make myself unpopular because i’m SICK of this mindset.

OSOK is a special event that’s been around since Gears 3, it was NEVER played as a mode whereby you sweat to win, it’s nothing more than a casual mode for people to mess around on. If you’re stood there hard aiming people who are just trying to mess around and have fun then it’s you who is part of the problem, if winning is important to you then go and play Ranked. If you want sniper practice then make a custom match against bots.

I’m sick of people like you wrecking Gears with your “must win at all costs” attitude. SMH!


The problem is that winning is incentivised in this event because of the execution. You are combining people who want to have fun with the mode with people who want to win for the execution and the versus events medals.

Plus, when you combine the fact that this playlist only lasts for 2 weeks, and it’s no surprise that this happens.

But is that the players fault? Or is that TC’s fault?


^ The two posts above… where did I miss this thread was exclusively about winning rather than how some people enjoy playing this ‘event’ mode?

Its blatent! The OP evidently doesn’t like the concept of blindfiring (which is what I will continue to call it), they clearly want it to be more tactical. People don’t want to use tactics unless you’re trying to win.

People have been doing this Sniper blindfiring since Gears 1 in custom lobbies, with OSOK this just brought this fun little idea for more people to play, but no… people just want to sit there and hard aim all match, Back in Gears 3 these people got Tbagged over and over again because they’re the problem, if you don’t want to play the mode in the same way that the majority do then just go and do something else. Stop WRECKING every little thing that old gen players try to enjoy.

Yeah this version of OSOK is kind of bad. I just grinded out the wins for the execution and haven’t touched it since. I get why they made it headshots only while making downing someone damn near impossible. They want it to be “One Shot One Kill”. But all that ends up happening is wallbouncing, blindfire longshot fights. You just have to hope that RNGesus is on your side to get blindfire headshots. Honestly what I would do to change OSOK would be this:

  1. Bring back 2 shot downs (Keep melee out obviously and make it so DBNO time is still extremely short)

  2. Make it point based instead of TDM with snipers.

  3. What I mean by that is you get more points for headshots than body shot kills.
    Bodyshot kills= 1 point, Headshot kills= 5 points. Point Cap= 100

I’m not going to pretend that there isn’t an element of luck in blindfires because there is!

BUT! Montagers have been doing this for an exceptionally long time and are now quite accurate with it, thus are able to pull it off a large amount of the time. In which case that surely has an element of skill to it.

I’m aware of the montage scene. But it’s mostly luck. Just like the kids who spin on max sensitivity in COD trying to get no scopes. They only show you the 1/1000 times they actually pulled it off and not the other 999 times they blew it. I’ve been around since Gears 1 and remember all those longshot fights. But just because it’s something that’s been done since the beginning, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best way. I’m not saying it should just be hard aiming from across the map, but wallbouncing, blindfire, lucky longshot headshot fights are a tad silly in my opinion.

Not to mention that it draws out the match longer than it needs to.

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I think we’re going to disagree all the way here. Personally I like the matches going on longer, I feel they’re too short!

But as for the luck, yes, there IS an element of luck involved, of course there is. I’m not posting this to promote my video but it’s to try and highlight a point. This was back in Gears 3 OSOK when I used to try and make videos. These are called RXN shots, doing it with a sniper takes SO MUCH practice, I got to the point where I could start hitting them quite a lot, most being 5 in 1 match.

Yes, lots of shots get missed but there is a skill to getting them more consistent.

RXN Shot Video

Please, if we’re going to have a conversation about it being luck, please watch that, that’s 1 of many I made. If it’s luck then I wouldn’t have so many clips.

I got the execution then went back to different game.

Going close quarter was one of the ways to get opponent team’s aggro to face you, so team mates can close in and headshot them from distance when they were distracted.

I kind of enjoyed these close quarter pop-shot face off. I wasn’t doing the hipfires because they aren’t as accurate or reliable. Along with wallbouncing, roadie strafe and spinning… etc. This was part of playing for fun, rather than boring camping long range, waiting every few precious seconds when can’t see opponents.

This barrier idea doesn’t sound good if people were to close in on one person into a corner or if it was 1 vs 5. Wouldn’t that mean the lone player could get trapped and can’t get past?

I personally didn’t care for clips as I was trying to play for fun and complete the execution challenge medal but before anyone bashes me, I would like to say I enjoyed the original Gears 3 OSOK way better when melee was allowed. It was way more fun to rub it in and a punishment for getting too close point blank, rather than these lousy blood sprays we have now.

I did like that we had massive ammo count of 52 rounds. Because otherwise, we’d run out out fast from all the missed shots and not able to melee each other to death,

I don’t wallbounce often or play PvP much but this game mode lets you do that without being punished too much from usually Gnashers in other modes.

Fun > seriousness.

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I think OSOK was handled properly this time around. Didn’t ppl complain last time when melee was allowed? Now it’s strictly headshots only.

Sure there are crazy wall bouncers. Just ignore them and move on.

I’m with you on this one @Link23809 OSOK its great fun and cool… I wonder if TC could leave the mode permanently.

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Anybody who wants downs or especially melee in OSOK just shouldn’t play OSOK.

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I’m sorry but it’s still developer’s fault, We’ve been getting promises over promises, kickoffs with a bang, changes here and there but tbh the state of this game is still as much terrible as it is sad for who, like me, would like to see it shine.

this is a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight. We are blaming each other due of these many issues, we are the poor ones fighting each other.
they have a roadmap, they explicitly said it multiple times but it’s too slow, my personal hope is that OP4 will change things for good
a pack of carmines is some fresh air but it won’t blow all the frustration away.

from the game’s perspective, gears 5 is meant to be played like this.
the meta is what drives the high level play, on top of this people is making money off clips
rxn, wb and all this love/hate are part of the game, if you want to play gears -today- you need to play it like this otherwise you won’t survive and you’ll possibly be the cannon fodder that shows in someone’s montage
again, not our fault, this is the game and if you want to min/max, this is the way to go

you should still be able to play the game at a more comfortable level but almost a year in for gears 5 and 14 years since the very first title we don’t have a decent ranking and matchmaking system.
people is being randomly put in a lobby and the result is frustration on all sides

still my point stands, unless they change the meta, this is 2020 gears, either adapt or play something else, a different mentality means being on the lower end of the scoreboard possibly becoming dead weight for who is trying to win a versus match

TC should give this game an identity
whether its made for bouncers or botwalkers they should decide once and for all
either they split the playerbase for good or they don’t
it’s actually painful to read the same words everyday, aim assist war, crossplay war, input method war, bounce or no bounce, it’s annoying because we’re caught in some uncomfortable attempt at balancing two opposites with subpar tools
they want a game of skills but there’s aim assist and weapons work differently between the input methods
they want a game accessible to everyone but you can still get shot at from impossible angles

I like this osok better because its headshots only, no body shot kills. Also no melee.

It’s not that I don’t like it. Having a game mode or event dedicated to it is dumb. Like someone said, throwing rewards in creates the incentive to win. I’ve got crazy hip fire shots before dating back to Gears 1 prior to the ability to record. Panic shot a guy rolling that was rushing snipe tower in Gridlock. Gut reaction shot bc it’s all I had time to do and it was a wild stunning shot.

And it’s always been “hip fire.” You’re not shooting blind without being able to see or any type of aiming. Sounds so stupid when people call shooting from the hip “blind fire.” It’s just as bad as people calling the ammo holder on guns a “clip.” It’s a “magazine.” Yes, there is a difference regardless of whether it’s socially acceptable to interchange the words but people still sound dumb when doing so.

Not once was I a part of these OSOK lobbies in Gears 1 and I am part of that old gen. Friends and friends of friends never played like that but I’m not denying they existed just because I haven’t and never wanted to play like that. Also, gotta remember Gears 1 was notorious for the active down shots which used to PLAUGE all aspects of that game and I’m sure these lobbies, at times, were no different.

Want true one shot one kill? They should make a sniper hybrid varient of Golden Gun with what someone said earlier about changing the scoring to traditional score instead of TDM rules. This gives you your wall-bounce style sniping game, no aiming, HIP FIRE only, downs 1 point, kills from DBNO 5 points, and kills from HIP FIRE headshots some ridiculously higher number like 50 or 100, and call that OSOK. Then, make another event a strictly sniper style event that does not promote the wall-bounce sniping. Everyone wins with that.

Never been a fan of snipers so OSOK isn’t my game to begin with. But this iteration is ruined by the fact that there are those players who will literally wall bounce into your face and just keep doing it while only blindfiring/quick aiming (basically moot).

Forcing a cool down on wall bounce or forcing heavy weapon running to limit players from moving like a pesky fly around your head would Help the game mode feel less like luck and more like an actual battle of long range weapons not just hip firing and reloading most the game.

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