OSOK is Trash; Change my Mind

Hopped on for my matches to get the execution then I shelved this crap. All anyone does is rush and wallbounce trying to “GeT DaT bLiNdY,” and then the only way to defend yourself is to do the same thing. It’s seriously dumb and always has been.

TC needs to implement some kind of moveable barrier that prevents people from getting too close but still allows for flanks. This isn’t a snipers’ game mode the way it currently stands. It’s “LeT mE gEt CLiPz oF MaH SkiLLz BLinDFiRiNg!!!” And to anyone calling it blind fire you’re dumb. It’s hip fire. Smh


I have to agree, all u get is 90% ppl run about like a headless chicken.


Yeah, it’s pretty awful. :unamused:

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I got the execution for this an i got more enjoyment from popn someones head during normal play, when i got a point blank hip fire kill its not skill its just luck.

I played 1 match where 1 guy would just spin in a circle trying to get that omg moment for a clip.

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It was terrible on the first day. All people were doing was wallbouncing like crazy hoping for that one in a million shot.

It wasn’t that bad on UE where movement wasn’t as smooth, it actually came down to having a good aim.

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Yep, it’s awful now. I can’t make the direct correlation, but I attribute it to the 51 rounds you have upon spawning. Players are no longer cautious. OSOK is no longer about who can flank, outsmart, hide the best, and its turned into a wallbounce and blindfire game mode.

I look back to the bunny hunt event, before they upped the spawning ammo count, the event was some of the most fun I have had in Gears. After they upped the ammo, it just felt like all strategy went out the window.


I’ve always hated people that unnecessarily charge and attempt to get headshots blindfiring the Longshot. In emergency situations, sure it’s worth a shot (Gears 1 with an active? :scream:), but it’s especially disgusting in OSOK where everyone as a Longshot.

It’ll never stop, but it ruins it for those of us that are slightly old school when it comes to a Sniper rifle.

We play different games lol cause every game I play the other team barely leaves spawn, trying to cross map snipe… so ya im one of them that will rush in with the flank, pick off a couple then begin bouncing cause the remaining and the ones I killed respawned, are all shooting at me lol

Anyway, regardless of the style, I can do both decent enough, with no melees and no downs(well there is, but like 3 or 4 people have to hit you at the same time) I got that 10 wins for the execution after 12 games.

PS ya I get some lucky hipfires doing that, and luck is what they are, but I also don’t do that many, I mainly popshot in that situation, often times if Im caught bouncing with 1 or 2 I’ll quick aim at a guy looking at me from the distance… so its not ALL luck. I get what y’all are saying though, just like I said I can do both styles, but when they entire enemy team isn’t leaving spawn it gets boring, especially since I know I won’t see their head or even their gun for who knows how long and when I do, I get shot by someone else when I get him/before I can shoot… thus I press the issue by rushing in for the flank… but I don’t do it right away, only when I see it’s that situation, that none of them are gonna leave spawn.

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The game as a whole it is!

Change my mind…

Yeah i’m the complete opposite, i can’t stand in spawn and hardaim from afar or runaway and try to flank.
These all come across very cheap to me, the sniper in Gears 5 is by far the easiest to use out of any Gears game. The absurd amount of aim assist and bullet magnetism make popshotting and fighting up close way too easy. I think a lot of players who want to shoot across the map or panic and try to run away in a fight simply don’t know how to snipe effectively up close.

Take this clip for example, i headshot the first two guys from afar and when i spot the Bloodmoon Imago i run straight up to him and make him panic and roll, resulting in an easy headshot.

Also don’t worry about the last guy who got swarmed by players, he’s playing as the Terminator so he deserved it.

I like sniping close quarters, it reminds me of all the sniper matches i used to play on Gears of War over a decade ago and even my muscle memory when it comes to sniping on the original Gears is still there. I want to hit a bunch of nice shots and get some streaks going, i don’t care to shoot my opponent behind their back or sit in spawn. It’s not satisfying to me to headshot people in that way. I use the sniper exactly the same way in normal matches as well outside of the OSOK event as it’s so easy to headshot in Gears 5 up close, so no hiding behind a wall for me.

The clip i’ll post below i find funny because at 0:22 you see me tilt my camera backwards and i almost tried to “backpack” him, that was a shot you could do in the first Gears because the bullet came from the centre of the screen, so you could kill players that were behind you. It’s almost like i’m hardwired to play like this.

But if you enjoy playing a certain way that’s fine, just don’t expect me to play the way you want. I run to my opponents side of the map every time and fight multiple people and literally almost every time i end the match with the most headshots and least deaths while getting the nastiest headshots in the lobby.

Also thank you TC for removing the melee, that was infuriating in a Sniper mode like OSOK.


But thats how sniping is usually done in Gears. Unlike FPS games, the maps are smaller and movement is a bigger deal. When people get close, they’re trying to prevent themselves from being sniped by getting in your face.

Limiting movement is just adding arbitrary barriers that just wouldn’t translate well for Gears.


When that happens I try to land a couple of hip shots than I run either towards teammates or if other teammates are there I just run till I get a good distance and start practicing again. Idk “Pat’s self on back” lol I rarely get a hold of snips in PVP. Just great practice for a weapon I rarely touch.

Try your luck against Kratoznizmo…never seen a sniper like it.

You play how you want not telling you not to but that’s not sniping and it’s why OSOK is garbage. You’re supposed to be sniping. A sniper is a long range weapon. If I wanna wallbounce I’ll play any other game mode and just use my shotgun.

It’s especially annoying when there is one guy left and you’re entire team is chasing him down to land that lucky shot to end the game. It’s lame and not fun. As someone stated earlier: the fact we start with 51 bullets it what allows this. Limit your starting capacity will force people to make shots count instead and deter this sNiPeR hErO nonsense.

If you’re looking to use the sniper in a realistic way, then i don’t think Gears is the game for you to do it in. Again it’s just a play style i enjoy, if you like finding a wall somewhere and hiding behind it on the other side of the map you can but it’s just not for me.

I enjoy being the last guy left and fighting multiple people, i’ve managed to comeback being the last one left against an enemy team that had 3 respawns remaining, which i found fun and something you’re just not going to do being a player who stands still hiding on the other side of the map. In fact it’s the players who wont join in the fight and shoot me from across the map that ruin that to be honest. Again just different play styles you like one i like the other, either’s fine.

In your opinion.

This is complete rubbish though, having 51 starting ammo is what allows players to sit in spawn and not move and promotes this. If you had only 8 bullets you would eventually have to move into the map to get ammo or pickup ammo off an opponent who would be on the other side of the map, and if you like to stay in spawn you’re not going to run into the middle or to the other side are you. Even if it was only 8 bullets players would still run up to you, having 51 bullets allows you to camp the entire game and not move.

Again it’s just personal preference as to how you want to play, nobody is forcing you to play a certain way and most games i play of OSOK there’s always players sitting in spawn with nobody disturbing them because a lot of the time there’s a fight going on in the middle of the map, either play styles fine do what you want.

I’ll add this clip though as this is really the only thing that irritates me a little when playing OSOK.
Notice the Theron guard runs away as soon as his teammate dies even though he’s on my side of the map, i search the control room but he’s run further back to his side even though it’s just me and him. I go back and headshot the Myrrah and find him hiding behind a piece of cover trying to hardaim me further back, i couldn’t play that way, not interested in playing hide and seek.

I personally think this is one of the best OSOK special events we’ve had, pretty much headshot only, no melee and not really any downs because of the increase in health. I’d like to see a 2v2 variant to be honest.

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Meant to say this but a couple nights ago this execution costed me a potential flawless game in Gridiron XD… I went 14-1 and thought about it later “wait a minute that was my only death? lol”. What happened was I had Snipe, pretty much every round the 1st half on District, and I did work with it… but 1 round specifically was 2v2… I downed flag guy in our endzone… not intentionally, barely missed head… but since I did down him, I just couldn’t resist my 1st homerun… heard Kaits footsteps in the middle of it and just thought “lol crap”… but at least I got to see it all, she literally downed me right as I finished it… then thankfully my teammate took her out, so I didn’t cost my team the round just to do my execution for the 1st time, which I would have felt bad, but just costed myself a flawless game as it turns out.

There can be a bit of skill involved, like when you get those domes when you tilted the camera up slightly while you were face to face. Also when someone is coming up the stairs and you lined their head up with your waist. Those times when you’re just rolling around and firing would be dumb luck though.

The headshots don’t even count for the Jermad totem unlock…lame.

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Not looking for this to be realistic in any sense. I’ve been playing since Gears 1 and its always been “the game for me.” Again, you cannot argue that, in its current state, OSOK is not sniping.

Yup and its just flat out annoying. Not detracting from your skills but if the enemy team had 3 remaining respawns on top of their last stand lives it says more about the other teams’ lack of skill. A good team or at least 2-3 decent shooters should have been able to eventually take you down. It’s also Quickplay so I wouldn’t be surprised if the enemy team was completely incompetent.

While I see your point and I retract part of my statement it is still not a rubbish statement. Sure it could be said 51 bullets promotes camping but it also promotes the rush style gameplay as well. Counter point: less bullets would certainly detract people from rushing so quickly and actually try to use the sniper as its meant to be used: as a precision weapon. It would also force map control to secure the weapon crates to replenish your ammo. As it stands, you can recklessly fire away with little consequence. The only difference with 51 shots means you can last a lot longer before getting killed or be forced to retreat and grab a box.

Actually, I am being forced to play a certain way considering almost 90% or more of the time I’m getting rushed by people that do what you do. I’m forced to adapt to this style of play. Again, this is a precision weapon not a close range weapon. Not asking for realism but this is not how a sniper is used. Can I play in this close range style? Sure, but I’m not a fan of it and this is not how a long range rifle works.

This goes especially for Gears 4-5 with the aim assist and bullet magnetism. This game takes a lot less skill to snipe in than previous. Gears 1 OSOK with no active downs would be a lot more challenging but 1) not gonna happen on UE and 2) center screen aiming for hip fire also gives an advantage. I digress.

This is essentially how these battles go. Its about patience and precision. It’s about accuracy and landing your shots. Not aimlessly wallbouncing all over the place and hope to land a few headshots b/c you have a near limitless supply of ammunition.

Can’t argue that its the best iteration of OSOK but, to me, trash is still trash. Greatest thing was the removal of the melee. It was nearly unplayable with melee enabled.

On a side note, from my experience people who say " something-something - change my mind!" have no intention of changing their mind. :smiley:

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