OSOK Horde - Opinions & First Impression

Well It’s better than Trackerball.

If I were to say anything It would probably be that it didn’t reach my expectations. OSOK horde isn’t necessarily bad but it’s just quite stale. I imagine it will be a skin grab playlist for most instead of playing for fun. It also kind of devalues one of my favorite horde classes (Scout) by massively decreasing the amount of power you obtain from enemies.

Far as difficulty I was able to reach wave 1 to 21 with 3 players after 2 others quit on wave 1. Two Snipers and One heavy so you can imagine it not being too hard. Probably one of the easier horde events if not the easiest.

I Did find it interesting how they were able to fix the “kill yourself for power” trick within this 1 playlist. If you die in this playlist with power on you the power will remain bound to your character, This is good for Scouts who die far out with tons of power. Too bad Scouts in OSOK Horde is pretty close to useless with Deadeyes only giving like 22 power max.

In short I’m not complaining but it was kind of a let down. Expecting heavier enemies and faster paced gameplay but its very slow and stagnant at times.

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Which maps are available?

Scout+sniper+big maps = pain

It might be standard rotation. I played 3 Sessions and it was Diner, Lift and Clocktower.

That’s all I needed to hear


I think a scout with retro lancer can be effective for this and it appears that lancer charge gets sped up too. Scout plus chainsaw lancer might work for this too.

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So, I just joined an OSOK insane and the mobs were only dropping 14 to 15 power and it appears it has rush mode enabled as the waves started quickly once the wave ended, also noticed that the decoys were not full health. Is all that intentional?

Of course it is. You don’t want it to be too easy now do you?

I tried to search OSOK (Insane) but I couldn’t find a single match after 5 minutes. The (Normal) version did work but it felt too easy.

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I played relic a bit ago.

I ran into the same problem as well… Insane would not yield a match at all.
I am rather pleasantly surprised with the OSOK Horde, it’s kinda like I imagined it to be when the challenges were initially disclosed the other week, but it turned out pretty enjoyable as a variant I thought.

The Versus challenges I am sorry to say were just terrible for me. Versus in general is just terrible for me, shame because I loved Versus in all games, even Judgment… but I reluctantly limit myself to Horde for the most part with Gears 4 because I was personally unimpressed with the feel in the Gears 4 BETA which carried over to the RTM release… and just kept getting worse as the months and updates went by… to were it stands for me now, which is I am not playing on a fair and level playing field with all the high pingers from south of the border in the same lobby with me, It’s just not fun for me.

I have now completed all 4 challenges, and will claim all the skins on Monday when they fix the 250 headshot challenge. Only thing I am worried about is the Flaming Skins… I already have all the Midnight Omen, will have all the Heartbeat as the 5 remaining are guaranteed to be offered… but I am only missing the Longshot and Markza for the Flaming skins and all 10 Flaming skins being offered in these challenges are RNG… so I just have that feeling I know I won’t be lucky enough to the get the remaining 2 that I need to complete my set.

It seems quite fun.

My only gripe at this point, is that there’s not much variety of enemies. I might be wrong but I count only the following enemies:

DR1 (Tri-Shot and Salvo)
Swarm Sniper
Swarm Grenadier
Swarm Hunter

Would it really be that game breaking to include the rest of the enemy roster? I just think having Scions as well would raise the stakes a bit. Imagine Boomshots and Dropshots being fired at you too!

Oh shoot! No Scions? That sucks…they are the basically a sniper’s favorite enemy

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I’ve only played two full games so i could be wrong. I definitely didnt see any Scions in the games I played.

Also there were a couple of Boss Waves where there was no boss! The Swarmak was the only one I saw. I guess it makes sense given non-headshots do tiny damage.

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I think so. The Swarmak was the only boss I had in the two games I played, and some Boss Waves had no boss spawn at all! Pretty sure its an unintentional error.

  1. That’s lame

  2. I remember a mode that was supposed to have NO boss and then a freaking Kestrel from hell appeared. Trackershit maybe?

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I did 4-5 runs last night. Wasn’t too bad.

The last run I finished my headshots early so my cousin & I just became human decoys, running around distracting the enemies, so the randoms in the game could get their headshots.


I played it twice last night and can say I’m not a fan. It kinda made 2 classes useless and really gimped 2 others. The sheer lack of power dropped is disappointing i expected more power for be generated when you get a head shot but it sure didn’t feel that way… I get they want to limit fortifications made but still. It also seemed to take a while maybe as the enemy snipers hang back a lot? Scions would have been a nice addition. My main issue with gears 4 horde is the lack of variety in enemies and a playlist like this just exacerbates he problem. My play group has decided we will be giving this playlist a pass as it stands


So I just checked the rewards page to see what was on offer. I had played a match of OSOK horde but as a heavy using the pistol and got a whole heap of headshots but they didn’t seam to count to at all to the stat page. Is this meant or is there some bug with that on the website?

Every horde match i haved played in GOW 4 i get at least 3 quits before the game even starts and as soon as it starts everyone leaves. This is will be the only horde in gears I have no beat. This game suffers for its community. I had 3 Spanish spearks on my team in a KOTH match, its already hard to communicate as it is in this game without a team. Gears community is really divded right now and I am worried for gears 5. OSOK is fun but its annoying if people keep quitting

Can you do my VS headshots for me? Thanks lol