Oscar's final skin should be Rookie Luchador Oscar.....Enough Said. Let TC know MAIN THREAD

The final skin for Oscar should be a luchador skin we all know why.


Only if it’s color blast. :rofl:

I hope we see that, or any kind of Luchador Oscar, as General reward for any upcoming new ToD.

Would be appreciated by PvE fans who constantly say General rewards are Swarm only, and it would look Fabulous to look at in the Character screen and while playing long sessions =).

Champion luchador Oscar

@Aguzo can you start a Change.com in support for this?

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@Forza_Cali already made one, saying that he wants to have more skins for oscar instead of alicia


the WWE would probably be a better place to go if you wanted that sort of content

Yeah he also said Sofia>Valera :eyes:

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Can we flag this?

You misspelled “Recruit/Armored/Hollowstorm/Hivebuster” Oscar, and it should not be the final Oscar skin

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Flagging both comments as inappropriate :woozy_face:


Fair is fair :sunglasses:


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