Oscar’s interaction with Anthony Carmine

Played as Oscar on the Split with Anthony Carmine.

At some point I went down - Anthony picked me up and said “Get up Sergeant Fenix”

So, basically Oscar is Marcus in disguise :laughing:


Meanwhile Barrick also is because Baird thanks “Marcus” when picked up by him.


Lol there is no escaping Marcus.

I experienced a similar thing while playing Horde with @WickedlyInocent; @Ultra_Gnasty; and @RelaxingKoty where Anya said something like “save some for the rest of us Marcus!” or something to that effect, but none of us were Marcus.

From memory, we had Sam, Anya, Alicia, Barrick, and I can’t remember the last character.



It was probably Barrick.

Also, these new characters dont have enough voice lines. Whatever they use is not enough.

Oscar didn’t swear once while missing a reload.

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Into the Marcus-Verse part 4


Actually it’s starting to make sense. Has Oscar ever been in the same scene as Marcus?


Why does this keep happening, are these features not tested before being launched?

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I’d rather not much as long as it covers all the bases. Some voice lines get redundant, like extra ammo quotes, kill quotes that probably doesn’t match the character’s personality, or whatever the hell RAAM’s new voice lines are supposed to be.

Did Marcus or Clayton really need new spot dialogue? Marcus even lost his “There they are…” quote.

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I was wondering what bugs we were gonna notice with these new characters. Lemme guess, Valera uses Kait or Anya’s interactions as a placeholder, right?

Are interns in charge of setting up characters and their voice lines? Didn’t think we’d be getting more mismatched audio gaffs, especially with the game wrapping up.

However I un-ironically miss Hoffman’s Marcus voice though. :joy:

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Side note, why does barrick look so puny

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He’s on Keto diet.


Or Valera with the voice of… Marcus!? :crazy_face:

Well she obviously doesn’t have that problem.

So no ValCus!? :sob:

I’m surprised they didn’t mix and match Campaign Oscar with GoW 4 Oscar.
His Voice constantly changing would be hilarious :sweat_smile:

Yeah, we just got the cruddy 4 one by the sounds of it.

I had a “Good shot Marcus” from a Baird whilst playing as Barrick too.

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Well… technically he was in the same place as Marcus during Ascendance.

Whether this is enough evidence to disprove that Marcus is just pretending to be Kait’s uncle or Oscar is secretly JDs father, that’s up to the individual.