Oscar’s Death Gears 5 Trailer

I’m assuming the man dead at the start of the trailer has to be Oscar. This would explains Kait’s reaction

Pretty much. It has to be someone close for her to get emotional like that.

Great speculation! I was thinking this too, but we’ll have to wait and see. I honestly loved Oscar in the Gears 4 campaign. He made me laugh a lot when his banter…

So I hope it’s not true, but time will tell…

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I can’t see it being anyone else to be honest, unless kait has other family left or perhaps it could have been a family friend.

As for Oscar, not a fan of him he seems to be like a wannabe Dizzy.


It could be an Outsider ex-boyfriend, or a crush.
Or a dead Carmine! :astonished:

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Will have to wait until 2019 to know that answer.

That would be strange to try and make Oscars death be emotional because i’m sure 99% of people would be happy if he wasn’t in Gears 5 at all including Versus mode


I think that could be her father.

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If so , im glad hes gone tbh i doubt he will be missed … :rofl: his character was annoying in Gears4

if you pause the trailer at the right time you can tell it’s oscar’s outfit

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One can only hope.

I kind of feel like that’s what the developers want us to think and it could be like a lover or something since her and JD are quite distant, I don’t think Oscar would die that easy.

I dont think the Voice Actor (Jimmy Smits) is signed on for Gears 5. Hopefully he gone🙏

Best shot I could take of the body before he gets covered by a blanket.

Very hard to tell in that shot above and in the trailer if it is him. I think TC would have went to great lengths to make sure the deceased character could not be identified. I still believe it is Oscar, only his death would have such impact on Kait as seen in the trailer

Let say it is Oscar, could he have been protecting Kait from the swarm like Reyna did? Maybe that is why Kait told JD " This isnt about you but about me. That she going fix this." Just a guess.

Also, in Gears 4 Reyna told Oscar while she was getting captured by swarm " that why we stick to the plan". Not sure about what the whole plan was in Gears 4.


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I would suppose so, Kait was pretty emotional however the others didn’t really care as much so maybe could be someone else …

Maybe could be Kait’s Father.

Well, we definitely know he was taking good care of his Raven :smile: