Original evga titan - pretty sure it's never put out hot air this fast with anything else, is there a serious bug out right now?

at the main menu it’s doing it, it’s not finished downloading but the tutorial ran perfectly smooth at 1680x1050 with every single setting at its highest, I finished it in one go no crashing or hanging

but, I only noticed it afterwards and have been too scared to even go past the main menu again lol, it’s shooting out a LOT of heat FAST

everything else is completely fine I leave monster hunter world and second life running for days I really think there might be a bug in gears 5 because if it was my gpu all my time in second life would have killed it

let me know how I can be of any help thanks

Do you have an app on your PC to check or validate the temperature your GFX card is running at to make sure it’s running at an optimal range?

All of this is easily googalable :smirk:

Anyway, if it’s running too hot then he’s Gears 5 could have an issue.

Or it could be something else with your system idk I don’t work for TC but hey at least I responded!

no apps, no need until something actually happens

I’m guessing it’s gears because again it does it at the main menu and before I made this thread until now I’ve been logged in second life with its graphics maxed and it’s the most poorly piece of software ever coded and I’ve been running it basically 24/7 for seven years now

Mine spits out hotter air also while playing gears 5

Might seem odd to read this, but I had my first overheating issue with my GoW S from this game too. Obviously this statement goes nowhere in addressing your problem, but I guess it’s not something that’s isolated specially within the PC world.
I don’t know, could just be coincidence, but it happened. Nothing is beyond conspiracy.

I stick gears on when the flats cold and the heating just isn’t working fast enough :sunglasses:

thanks guys I’ll be glad to help if I can otherwise I’ll just wait it out no problemo

Not playing on PC, but I’m playing on an xbox one X scorpio edition and Gears 5 is the only game to make it noticeably loud and put off heat. I dunno just adding my experience, I have a decent PC that’s mainly used for audio production I was going to try gears on instead of my xbox but wont now lol.

I have it on x1x an pc

For me mp just isn’t playable on the Xbox

Dunno what’s different on the pc version but I’d never play competitively on the X