Option to turn off people's bloodsprays

Whoever thought this was a good idea needs the sack, I don’t want to see someone’s stupid blood spray that says something dumb like ‘pew pew’ every time i die, i’m not playing some sh*tty arcade game, be great to have an option to turn them off (other than gore off).


I didn’t know I could turn gore off and not have to look at those ridiculous blood sprays. I going to try it, anything is better than having to to see lame blood sprays every time I die. Good info.

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Turned off gore and still have terrible blood sprays every time I die. There is no way to turn it off.

Agree, the blood sprays are terrible imo, no idea why this was implemented, they break immersion, you’re playing Gears and getting an ad for Forza slammed on your face in the form of a ridiculous blood spray when you die.

As a generally decent human being, out of principle I have never used anything other than the default blood spray.

I refuse to be part of the problem. :sunglasses:


They should have a toggle so you can turn it off and watch someone tea bagging you instead like in previous Gears games.

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Damn, I thought gore would include blood, never mind

TC won’t see it here, if everyone mentions it to them on Twitter they might take notice. Bloodspray should only show if someone preforms a execution Imo, it would mean more and come with a consequence with that slow delivery



I kinda like equipping different ones to different guns. Let me lancer you? heres a toilet for ■■■■■■■■ in. That’s you.

I know toilets are for peeing in and pooing in, but I don’t understand why toilets are always associated with negativity

I love modern plumbing. You want to roll around in unsanitary conditions? Then feel free to go nuts, but in the meantime I’ll be sat on my lovely toilet having a poo knowing I just have to flush and the poo will fly away from my home. :wink:


lol I use the smh on the gnasher, but I’m most salty about not gettingsweaty and buying the middle finger pack

The default blood spray is all you need. You shouldn’t need to have to prove anything to anyone when you’ve just killed them! :sunglasses:


The number of 10 year olds using the toilet one

Brain dead


It should be an execution or headshot for most weapons, and show up on kill for explosives like the Boomshot.

Blood sprays should be takin out

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They’re dumb. “Pew pew” being the most idiotic.

I’ve equipped one that sums up my thoughts on bloodsprays… The middle finger. Not sure how or when I got it, but it perfectly sums them up.


It should definitely be a setting toggle for those that don’t care to see it, just like gore or profanity.

I use the salt shaker. Fight me.


You got it from your neon weapon set.

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