Option to Turn off Character Voice Chat

I barely play this game but the 2-3 matches I do play i’m spammed with character voice chat from either my team or the enemy.

It really kills the experience and makes me not want to invest my time on the game.

When the characters have their own phrases to say mid battle is fine.

However, spamming ruins my player experience when it’s excessive.

I miss hearing the map and just enjoying the scenery of this game - which I cannot do because some immature person has no self control.

If I had an option to mute them that would be preferred.

Also, the spam of voice chat makes this game more laggy than it has to be - not to mention unnecessarily toxic.


Laughs in Casan

Laughs in Lizzie

That would be so cool (In Benjamin)


I can hear them exactly , oh gosh I’m going mad…


I could too while typing that.


Moments like these is when I wish friendly fire was on, in fact why isn’t there a hardcore style mode where friendly fire is permanently on for ranked?


You can, but it also mutes situational lines which can play against you.

I’m ok with 4 different emotes in succession but just one 4 times in a row drives me insane, laughs especially.


What?! But everyone must hear my glorious Queen’s laugh every 3.5 seconds!

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Boo in all characters.


:+1::ok_hand: and my beloved “Antipodean” Goddess will not be silenced :wink::astonished:

That said I do understand what the op is saying and it can be very frustrating.


Don’t forget Benji’s “YOU SUCK!!”


Because they know most would turn it off then all of their work would be for nothing.

Same with the emote wheel… I wish i could turn it off so it doesn’t pop up when i accidentally click the stick down.

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I suggested this in my thread already

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Really is a turn off when I think about playing the game.

I just wanna relax & enjoy the game.

Not be haggled with a barrage of senseless spam.

It’s just a terrible gaming experience & promotes unnecessary toxic behavior that the game can live without.


the excuse TC gave (Dana) was that the player paid for the content and because they paid, they get to spam emotes.

the same was said about bloodsprays when asked for an option to disable them.

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I paid for the damn game , no game pass - full premium- , I should have a say too.

I dislike how TC states comments like that when it could be vice versa.

Dana stopped caring at the end, I’m convinced.

Really promotes unnecessary toxic behavior on both sides.

That’s one of the reason I doubt playing the game.

Not only is it connection sensitive but I can’t sit down & chill without being harassed by constant spam.

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“Cmon hurry up guys” in Benjamin

Or “you rotten” in Tai.


Pretty dumb excuse if you ask me. It’s not like they’d be unable to use their precious emotes.