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Option to surrender a ranked match in gears 5 when someone quits


I get you but there can only be one MVP and the silver on your team took a major hit in there ranking they are 40 less kills as you are onyx. and the bronze on the other team he got nothing at 13 kills vs his team and yours.

I can tell you from personnel experience i had been working hard to get to within 10% of gold. because of quitters and matching making putting me in with diamonds , onyx and golds three i drop 40 straight games. I am no barley hanging on to silver 1 at 60%.

I stay in the fight even though it cost me. we had a game this past week it end 5 v 3. we had one onyx 3 left a gold 2 and me as silver. other team diamond and onyx. how was i ever going to get MVP.

I think a big reason for quitting is to save your rank.

in a 5 v 4 all it takes i s one kill and now its 5 v 3

I think there are good arguments on both sides. i just think if i stay in a match and lose due to quitters or being out ranked in the match . Why should i have to re build months of work because i am punching out of my weight class of quitters who keep there rank and play fortneit for 30 minutes


This whole comment speaks to my soul…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing against a surrender option completely, I’m just pointing out another angle that needs considering if that were to be implemented.

I think quitting hurts your rank considerably more than staying and performing as well as you can - whether that’s mvp or not. I don’t have evidence to show to back this up because a lot of it falls on the hidden background skill meter that coincides with rank movement.

What I can say is that I’ve been D3/4 for the last two seasons or so and that was always my motto… Never quit. Always finish the match… Even if it’s a 1v5 (which has happened to me as well, see screenshot at end) I just stayed and slayed as much as I could. Following this strategy did not hinder me from breaking into the higher ranks but I feel that if I would have quit matches, it would have taken much longer.

I’m currently on my 5th or 6th consecutive loss in KOTH so far… And no negative movement in rank. Which again, sort of reinforces my motto.

I know that not everyone can be mvp but everyone can still play their absolute hardest to do their personal best in the situation… I get that it’s frustrating too… MVP or not it’s still an annoying situation to have to play out.

Something absolutely should be done, I just don’t think it’s as black and white as we’d like it to be.

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They could enable the leave button like Gears 4 does

this absolutely needs to happen

Just bring back bot backfilling like Gears 2 had or allow a person matchmaking to be able to join and reward them handsomely with a ridiculous amount of XP for joining a match in progress and helping a short-handed team out.

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Yea, Overwatch does it very simply. If someone leaves on your team, a 1 minute timer begins (giving the player time to return), once the time is up, anyone on the team can leave, with no penalty other than the loss. If everyone on the team leaves, the other team auto-wins.

They could make it a 2 minute timer, or whatever, but there’s tons of Quality of Life improvements that need to be made in this area and many other areas of the game in general. Things that should have been in 4 at launch even, considering it was released in 2016. In 2019, it’s just more dumbfounding and unbelievable that QoL stuff like this is so behind so many other games that are way older. Not a good look for attracting new players.

One thing I noticed with the Tech Test, that I hope is just a Tech Test thing is the Weapon and Mark customizations are separate from the COG/Swarm character customizations. So, when you choose weapon skins, you can’t set COG or Swarm weapon skins separately, it sets them both universally. If that stays the same in the full release, it’ll be a full downgrade from GOW4, that lets you set COG/Swarm/Horde character/weapon skins separately.

Even GOW4 needed improvements and could have used custom slots, so the Tech Test’s current setup would be ridiculous if it ends up in-game in Gears 5. The actual character customization in 5 is nicer since you set each character’s skin/emote/banner separately, all they’d need to do is add the weapon and mark customization into the character customization. Custom slots would still be a nice addition also though, but this would be an improvement over 4 to just do this.

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Its an interesting idea but im afraid people might use this tactic for boosting and getting free wins with an alt account.

That’s what I have been saying and even made a post about it, but people seem to dislike this idea as much as they dislike quitting lol. People don’t like the trade offs of join in-progress and bot backfilling vs the quitting problem even if there are ways and options to make them work. Seems like there isn’t enough support for a simple fix.

That is why my new suggestion is for TC to show a quit percentage in the new ally menu and for them to reward players with skins and banners if they have a low enough quit percentage.

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i agree. or the players that are throwing the game on purpose makes it annoying to deal with.

This could be viable… Show teammates quit or disconnect percentage in the lobby before match begins… Allow users to dissolve the lobby if they want to - before the match begins.

That or just funnel the high % quitters into a secondary match queue so they can all just play and quit on eachother instead.

I’ll never quit a match myself, but I’d dissolve one before it began.

One thing that’s super annoying is AFK players. I detest them more than quitters because they’re mucking up the skill expectations each round they stand in spawn. At least quitters are noted and taken into scoring account.


Completely agree. It would be helpful if they introduced some type of “dunce cap” system - showing quit percentage, forcing the quitters to play quitters, forcing them to use default character and weapon skins, special “quitter” banner, and of course rewarding those that don’t quit.

Lowering the AFK time is also a good thing since we can now see our performance per round and it would be unfair to see a bad round when we know that it wasn’t being calculated properly.

I’m definitely on bored with this since I’ve had my fair share of losses due to jerks leaving my team on purpose.

The bots are only bad on easier difficulties.

You gotta be kidding me. The bots are bad on ALL difficulties. I’ve gone through tons of issues with the bots over and over and over on the old forums, and so many of the issues are easily fixable, but they just don’t ever adjust or change any of it.

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No they aren’t, they’re decent on insane cause when playing on casual they move super slow, don’t roadie run or use their shotguns and barely touch power weapons. On Normal they move a bit faster but are barely different from casual. On hardcore that’s when they start to play a bit better and actually start roadie running while using the gnasher instead of ignoring it. Insane they become a bit more aimbot centric.

Can they wall bounce? Of course not but why the heck would we want them to?

LOL, I’m talking the general issues on ALL difficulties:

  • They just aimbot, when line-of-sight has been around forever, they don’t use line-of sight. They know where you are at all times on the map, they can see through smoke and walls basically, they can mark enemies they don’t have line-of-sight to. The fact they haven’t been toned down on their rapid-firing 100% accuracy with the Boltok is a complete joke.

  • They race you to power weapons always, if they get there first, you usually won’t catch them to force a trade, and many times will die trying to catch them. They will switch weapons immediately a lot, so you can’t get the trade off, and if not they race toward the enemy to hand deliver the power weapon to them.

  • They get stuck on corners too often, jumping off, then back on to the same cover piece. They block you as you try to move away while on cover from an enemy. They get stuck in weird loops on their pathways as they seem to be hunting all the weapon spawns, and end up wandering around the map in areas where no fight is going on. They stand still switching weapons nonstop a lot in another random glitch.

There’s much more issues I can’t think of at the moment, but it’s very bad, and some of the stuff is easy to fix without getting into messing with any type of deeper AI algorithms or settings.

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The only benefit of an insane bot backfill (assuming it’s thoroughly tamper proof, including preaiming behind walls giving away enemy positions) is cannon fodder. They are certainly not skilled or good… But they are a better distraction than having an empty slot.

Example: In the slight chance an opponent fires their gnasher to kill your bot teammate, it opens you up to the opportunity of a gibbing them before they cycle their next round. That can be a game winning situation.

I don’t think new players should be dropped into ongoing matches… And i don’t know how scoring would work on a bot backfill. They shouldn’t count it as a completed/fair match because that’s not fair to the bot team and they shouldn’t count it as a quitter match because that’s not fair to opposing team.

Also have to decide how they handle power weapons and caps. (do they prioritize kills first or caps first?)

Methinks this is a pipe dream, boys

(also, you can trade weapons even if the bot backpacked it. Assuming you can catch them before one or both of you dies)

I agree there should be a surrender option in Gears 5 for ranked. But it should only activate if at least 2 players on your team quit. 4v5 is obviously more difficult to win but not impossible if you’re communicating with your team. Continuing to play a 3v5 is pretty much pointless. If you surrender it should affect your rank less than if you lost a fair match with the two initial quitters getting harsher penalties to their rank.

They’re still a lot better than the Gears 2 bots that used to screw around with swinging the damn smoke grenades a lot like a yo-yo.

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