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Option to surrender a ranked match in gears 5 when someone quits


Like in CS GO, where you can start a vote when somebody leaves on your team.
Nobody likes sitting trough an unwinnable match.

Only the quitter gets the loss + penalty.


Really good idea actually, 1 player down you can sometimes cope with but anything more and it’s a dead game.


1 player down is 100% death sentence in higher ranks


I think this should only be an option in the first round and only after the rejoin time has passed for the player that left. Otherwise we’d just end up with a bunch of sore losers leaving the game constantly once they start losing in the 2nd or 3rd round.


Of course TC needs to find ways to prevent abuse. I think dota 2 shadowbans quitters and puts them into a seperate que so they only matchmake with eachother. That would be pretty nice too.


I agree with this.

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Frankly I think there should be a surrender option even if all five players are still there. Any game with any type of quit penalty should have this. Sometimes it’s just 1000% clear that the game is over and at that point I want out. And like, I’m a 37 year old guy with two jobs and two kids, I don’t have a lot of time to game anymore, I’m not interested in getting farmed for twenty minutes because XxEliteSni1pe3xX wants clips for his montage.

Plenty of games allow surrender options. Smite doesn’t let you forfeit in the first five minutes and after that a vote is available and 4/5 votes surrenders. Rocket League has it where you can forfeit after 90 (?) seconds, unanimous 3 to forfeit. It works great. Not having an option like this in a game in 2019 is archaic.


I agree with a surrender option but it should be limited, because i have experienced some amazing comebacks. Im not sure what the limitations should be.


Some limits are fine but personally I’m not interested in wasting twenty minutes because someone wants to go for the 1 in 10,000 chance at a comeback. That sounds more harsh in text than I actually mean it, all I mean is I don’t want to struggle for a full KoTH that is clearly over. I.E. I have won matches 4v5 in koth but it’s not fun. It’s frustrating, and it’s rare. I’d rather just move on to a more fun, competitive match. Though generally speaking, I really would only be wanting to surrender if a guy had quit. I want the option all the time, but if someone on my team quits, I’m out. That’s an awful and frustrating experience.


Been thinking about a system like that since early Gears 4 days.

I like the idea of surrendering the game due to some ■■■■■■ on your team that decided to quit. It’s better to surrender immediately and find a new game than wait more than 10 minutes for the other team to win. Honestly a 4v5 or less isn’t fun at all. It doesn’t motivate you or your teammates to play the objective because you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose now that you’re missing a player. Screw the quitters. I hope TC bans them severely one day. Mainly the ones that quit way too often.


Dude we played you on raven down awhile ago. Me and crypt were laughing so hard with your global chat man. I was like yeah rough map, my buddy Crpyt was like dean friggin hates it. You had me entertained the whole match man. Pretty sure it was a quit scenario on your team. Dont blame yah and I agree.

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My only gripe on this is that I encounter quitters on my team often but at that point I still shoot for MVP even if the match win is a lost cause. If there were a surrender option and my team votes to forfeit, I lose that opportunity.

So far this season I’ve lost 3 or 4 ranked Koth matches in a row (i think all but 1 had quitters on my team) but managed to secure MVP or second to it in all those matches despite the loss. I have not gone down in rank at all for any of these losses, due to this.

While I stay stationary in rank until I win a match, the good performance improves my background skill rating.

All of this needs to be taken into account when considering a surrender option.

Just one example of a lost match that I trounced. Surrendering would have nullified my background skill as far as I know and I’d need to play god knows how many games more to finally get a complete match without quitters… If I can at least snatch MVP then I don’t care much about the win in the end.

Just played another one today… 1 quitter and the 1 unranked guy was AFK after half of round 1… so essentially a 3v5. It’s annoying as hell but I’d rather lose and take the MVP than have it nulled and have to keep going match to match…because honestly 5/5 games so far have been quitters… how many would we have to surrender to finally get a completed game?


This is toxic and would only be encouraging people to quit when the fight gets rough. Not just when the fight is deffinately not in your favor. It doesnt matter how many priorities you have, finish the match. Especially if its a 5 v 5. Encourage eachother to push through adversity. Pretty disheartening from a man your age.

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And even if you do win a man down, that usually only happens if the other team is pretty bad compared to the 4 on your team. If they’re at all competent, the undermanned team is not winning. Speaking KOTH.

I found nothing wrong with his explanation. Your real life priorities absolutely do matter. Hell I feel the same way and I don’t have any kids and I’m single. And i’m 37 years old just like he is so I get it. The older you get, you look at things differently. But I also have a day job and don’t feel like wasting my time because some crybaby decided to quit. And the vote would have to be unanimous so there would have to be at least 4 people vote yes on your team to surrender. I’m sure if the other’s vote not to surrender, then he would just play out the match so I don’t see the issue.


Why not just have bot backfilling and the ability for someone to join in late.

If you join in late, you get double xp and if you lose it doesn’t count against your stats/rank. They could also minimize quitting by showing a quit percentage in the ally menu where you can also see how many rounds you have won with that person and other things. Rewards for non-quitters should also be a thing. We all know that giving away skins would do wonders to combat quitting.


I’ll rather have a bot backfill than quit. I’m telling you some bots are amazing!


That’s rare though. Most of the time, the bots are complete idiots. They just need to put them on insane.

Have you seen some of the bots on gears 4 they head shot me with there back to me lol. Just program them to play objective and make them into some kind of aim bot. Having a bot is better than just being short one